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I'll have to say first that the women who work there are nice, friendly and really good at doing my kids' hair. My hair has bee wrong TWICE. The first time the person matched my roots wrong and I ended up looking like a red haired skunk with copper base and purple red roots. She tried to fix it by putting some other chemical in it but it didn't work. Today I came with my 7 year old girls. Their hair cuts (albeit simple) turned out great. My hair... Read more

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I go in on a whim to get my hair cut. After she cuts my hair and I pay (+tip generously), she takes me to the side and tells me I should be treated because she thinks she found nits around my ears (meaning I had headlice). I freak out internally (I am mortified) but thank her. I am unsure why she didn't stop if she even suspected I had nits? Aren't stylists supposed to legally not proceed? I don't, by the way; it's that I wear glasses and have... Read more

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Went for haircut at the Walmart lewisburg WV location. The stylist on duty was very upset about half way thru my cut. She all but shaved my head. I'm so embarrassed by this cut(?) that I've missed a day of work and dreading having to go tomorrow.

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I recently had colour put in my hair at a Regis Salon in St. John's. It was an all over colour to match my natural hair colour and I wanted a strip of purple as a pop. I was told no problem and 3 hours later left the salon with my normal medium brown hair with quite a bit of dark purple underneath. It was more purple than I asked for but I was ok with that. It was quite expensive, well over 100.00, but as I only do this once every few years... Read more

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You would think after getting the same cut with the same hairdresser for some time now that ur hair wouldn't be butchered thus showing all my 54 yr old bald spots. So disappointed. What? A bad day? Maybe she took it out on me ???

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Terrible experience. I thought she was going to pull my daughter's head off she was so heavy-handed! Then she flat ironed it in huge sections because she was in s hurry to do her mothers' hair.

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Went into regis salon in findlat ohio & was turned away. They said they were booked for rest of the night & it was 3:34pm. 5 stylists were there walking around, talking & doing their hair but not 1 customer anywhere in salon. I asked why they were doing nothing why can't they thin my hair for me. I was told sorry were booked startung at 3pm. I have always gone there & trusted the stylist & never had a problem before. That was horrible customer... Read more

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Okay so I went to have my hair colored removed and bleached then colored over again. I showed up and the lady looked worried and kept repeating 'I don't know if we'll get all this out' and 'it's an experiment'. On the phone she said she would use a color remover first then a bleach treatment of necessary. But when I got there she went straight to bleach. My hair went from a blonde/blue to bright bleached yellow and a moss green. The lady said... Read more

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I'm new to the area. I'm watching customers stop at the front desk for service, but due to only one stylist (mine) these ladies are turned away. So in two hours Regis in Rapid City has lost 9 customers / potential clients. I'm not pissed, I'm just an MBA student watching a business waste money.

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Store 4243 in Collierville,Tn was the worst salon i had ever worked for. Ghetto and very un professional. Managers dont know what there doing. Need more training to be managers.

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