After always getting hilights and not all over blonde color I decided I wanted a change. I went to the Regis Salon at the Mall at Robinson and asked for all over light blonde color.

The stylist told me no problem and proceeded to get the dye mixed. She never warned me about possible breakage or anything, and I never even thought that would be an issue, since I was at a professional salon. The color went off without a hitch and she shampooed and conditioned my hair. As she was drying it though I began to notice large chunks of hair falling to the floor.

She didn't seem to notice so I figured it was normal for such a harsh chemical process. She dried and straightened my hair, no cut, and as I was running my fingers through it, it would still not stop breaking off. I didn't say anything though and went home hoping it would stop. Well the next day every time I brushed it or ran my fingers through it, the same thing kept happening.

I showered and washed it that night, a full 24 hours later. In the shower it was even worse. I began to panic. I ended up leaving my conditioner in and just slept with it in my hair.

The next day, I went to the salon and showed them what was happening. I hoped they could provide some relief. All the owner did was give me three free products, a shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner to use every other day. Thanks buddy.

My hair is literally falling out and that's all you offer me. I immediately left the salon and went four doors down to a somewhat more expensive salon that I know will do a good job. She offered me a deep conditioning treatment and a cut and said that it wasn't so bad but Regis should have given me a warning or something that this may happen. If I had known this was a possibility I would have just stuck with the highlights.

Now I have to lose about two inches from my hair and pray that it goes back to normal. Thanks for nothing, Regis Salon.

Review about: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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