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On Sunday, October 9th I went to the Regis Salon at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Washington. I had a 1pm appointment with a stylist named Roberta. I brought a picture of the cut I wanted, a chin-length bob similar to what Ashley Judd has had, and we proceeded to discuss how I had spent the last year and a half growing out my hair so that I could get the style I wanted and had even not gotten any trims for the past 4 months in anticipation of getting my hair cut 2 weeks before one of my best friend's wedding. We also discussed that my hair was naturally curly and that I wanted to be able to wash my hair, scrunch it and go without needing to use a lot of product. I even told her how much my husband loves my curly locks and that my regular stylist had emergency gall bladder surgery and that was why I chose to come to Regis.

She talked me into getting a color treatment that was similar to a "cellophane" and after she applied it, she put me under a dryer, asked me if I wanted any coffee, tea or water and I said that a water would be great because I was parched. She walked away and never came back with the water for me. I flagged down another stylist about 10 minutes later when I realized that the dryer wasn't heating up. She fiddled with the dryer and said that it wasn't turned on. Then my stylist came over, looked at the dryer, said it was turned on now and walked away. The dryer still wasn't heating up about 5 minutes later, so I flagged down the same other stylist since mine had once again disappeared. That stylist checked the dryer and said that there was no water in it. My stylist came over and added water to the dryer, turned it on, and once again disappeared until the timer went off and I flagged the other stylist down once again to go get my stylist to rinse out the color.

Now it was time for my cut. The picture was still out and on the counter at her station. She had me look down while she cut the back. When she told me to look up I was absolutely shocked to see that there was no hair on the sides. I turned my head from to side to side and saw that it was horribly short and told her to stop cutting my hair immediately. I am convinced that the only reason I have any hair on top is because I stopped her from lopping it off. I was very upset and asked her why she cut off all that hair when what I wanted was the cut in the picture. She told me that she was sorry, that there was a miscommunication. How exactly does one miscommunicate a picture? She also said "I know this is not the cut you were expecting, but it looks really cute on you". Why wasn't it the cut I was expecting, asked for, explained and provided a picture of? I don't understand that at all, it makes absolutely no sense to me.

Meanwhile as this dialog is occurring, the stylist I had to flag down 3 times shows up with a broom and dust pan and is quickly sweeping up all my long, curly locks from the floor – I can only surmise that this was to get rid of the evidence because I have never had the hair swept up under the chair while I was still in it and in the middle of getting a cut.

I eventually let her even the rest of my hair out and left the salon in shock because I couldn't for the life of me understand how she determined that I wanted all my hair chopped off, practically shaved in the back, given the conversation we had and the picture I provided.

As soon as I got out of the salon I broke down and began crying. I felt the back of my head and there was less than an inch there. I called my husband and friends while sobbing to them about my hair being butchered standing in the middle of the mall as people walked past me, gawking. My husband said "˜just come home honey, there's no sense staying there'.

I cried all the way home and rest of that day, into night and even cried at work the next day. Each day that week when I washed my hair, I cried in the shower. I am in my 40's and have never been brought to tears because of a haircut I received.

I looked into extensions and quickly learned that my hair is way too short for them. I seriously debated getting a wig after a friend of mine told me that the back of my head looked like I was a chemotherapy patient. I was beyond devastated.

I went to another salon on Thursday, October 13th and the manager at that salon cleaned up, what she called, my "˜flock of seagulls' haircut and gave me a product, d:fi, to use to make my hair look fuller. She estimated that based on the length of my hair and the amount of curl in my hair shown in the picture of me the week before the cut that my hair was easily 10 inches long in back. After the cut at Regis there was less than an inch across the entire back. It is now what would be called a pixie or boy cut, nowhere near the chin length bob I requested.

I first contacted the Corporate Customer Service Department via the website on October 10th. Alysson is the representative I had been dealing with. She has always been very polite and helpful, however the compensation she was able to offer me for having all of my hair chopped off is not even close to being a peace offering and was frankly, fairly insulting. Alysson also stated that I had 30 days to accept the offer or it was off the table. Basically I feel like they simply don't give a rat's behind. Based on all the other complaints I have read online about how they deal with complaints about their salons, this is their M.O.

I have sent a letter to the Corporate Office and faxed the same letter to them twice asking for the Regional Manager to contact me. I have heard nothing since my last communication with Alysson on October 19th.

I will never go to a Regis or Regis-owned salon ever again and have already told all my friends and family of my experience and encouraged them to never go there either.

To say that I am highly dissatisfied with my entire experience is putting it extremely mildly.

Jillian, Lynnwood, WA

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I am appalled at the treatment you received at Regis salon and words can't express the horrific behavior of the stylist i.e. not words this site would allow.

it almost seems as though she deliberately performed an act of sabotage on your hair. You should sue them or threaten to do so as you received deplorable service.


Never work for them. They need to sink.

Don't support the abuse.


I am new in my town with no customers. I had no choice but to star twith this crappy corporation.

I have 10 years experience and I am an amazing stylist. You want a good cut, stop being cheap. This is a corporate chain salon uaually with stylist straight out of school. If you get a cheap haircut, that's what you get.

Two years of schooling and thousands of dollars for this degree and they pay you minimum wage. Kids at Bruger King make more. Stop being cheap or either be loyal to your stylist that is out or use someone in her salon or deal with your impatient choices. Regis runs Walmart salons down to smart cuts and all the cheap cutting places.

Regis has been horrible to work for, can not keep stylist and this is where you went for a cut. You got what you paid for, JUNK

to carrie #938022

Mmm, I could go for a juicy Bruger right about now.

to carrie #943600

An employee of Regis is in agreement thatcHed hires substandard workers, and these workers will *** your haircut. my advise is to take the employee statement listed on this site along with all of your communication to Regis an launch a lawsuit against them. With the words of their employee, you stand to win.


I have had the worst luck with hair stylists, I didn't go into a salon for years in fear of my hair being ruined like it has in the past. Roberta was the first hair stylist to actually make my hair BEAUTIFUL.

My hair is naturally blonde and in between curly/wavy (very hard to style!) It's now brunette with the cutest layers, it's never looked so cute and curly! I sugguest Roberta to every one of my friends with curly hair because most stylists just don't understand how to work with the curls.

My friends I have sent to her have thanked me for helping them find someone who actually knows what they're doing! I will not let anyone else but her touch my hair.


i had roberta as a hair stylest and she is amazing, i got my hair done by her and she did a great job!i got my hair done by her last night, i showed her a picture and she did exactly what i ask it looks soo good! i am very happy with it!

my hair was a wreck when i came in last year i had soo much damage and she was able to make it healthy and make it bleach blonde! she is a sweetheart and takes very good care of me when i go get my hair done! she always asks if i need anything!

i dont know what your talking about! wheres the before picture?


I too had an awful haircut by a friend of the family. It was awful, and I am still trying to get my hair long again.

I had to wear a hat for a long time. I cried when I got home and saw that her "well intentions" were a complete disaster. The only thing I can say is that your hair will grow out...eventually. Try some of that leave in condioner.

It will help your hair grow out faster. It is called "Infusion 23" and Wal Mart does carry it, but it now comes in a grey bottle. If you cant find it at Wal-Mart, ask the hired help to find it for you.

It runs about 6 or 7 dollars, but is well worth it. Just be sure to read the "titles" on the product and be sure that it says "leave in condioner" and that it is NOT theee shampoo.


You're haircut looks technically fine, you just aren't styling it. You also have a lot of cowlicks, so you should grow it out.


I went to this same salon at the Alderwood mall and what a surprise, my hair got messed up as well by this same person. I asked for streaked highlights and instead walked out with polka dot highlights...

They said to come back in a couple weeks and they would fix it.

The only way to fix this was to dye my hair all blonde or dye it back to dark brown. I decided to go dark brown... in the end they charged me to fix THEIR mistake.

That *** got a $0.01 tip. STAY FAR AWAY!

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