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I have worked for the company a very long and I don't know why. My time has not been appreciated with this company and they re-nig on promises made.

Of course I do get a paycheck and some people think that is reward enough..but I am seriously considering leaving the company. I have never been given any type of bonus for my time in service. I am a high dollar producer, sell high retail,I never miss work, and I am always on time. Also if you call a supervisor with an any type of issue they never get back to you.

Also, I think it is absurd that commission is capped when you reach what that all boils down to is you can work your behind off and you never get a raise. I'm very discouraged with this company.

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If you are a high producer and dedicated to the business, try going booth rent. I pay $200 a week for my space at the salon I work in.

All I bring in, about $2000 a week, is mine. That's only 10%, and I probably put another 10% back into supplies and tools. That's 80/20, alot better than Regis' 50/50. I am my own boss.

I come and go as I please, and don't have to ask permission for anything. Did I mention I only work part-time? Take the leap! Your clients will follow you.

They go to YOU, not Regis. And I bet you will even be able to charge them less!


I also have worked for the regis company for years now, not only do I feel like I am nothing to them and my complaints go unanswered, my manager has now informed me I have to bring in color I buy with my own money to share with the team, she is a very uneducated black woman. And she is uses the race card anytime someone says anything to her.

I also feel like they want us to rob our clients, we are told to charge high prices in a very sloppy store. Charging 200+ dollars for a highlight on an inch of hair isnt right, I feel as if my personal morals are being questioned. If you want to work for a company that doesnt care about its clients or its employees this is the place for you.

But for everyone else that has gotten into doing hair for the love and the feeling you get making people beautiful then please take your business else where. :(


I also spent many years working for this company. They make promises that are never kept, they have NO appreciation for their stylist, the only thing this company cares about is the almighty dollar.

I too was a very high producer, and a high dollar retail sales person but there was still no appreciation. Finally, after many years of working all holidays, nights and every weekend, I left. That was the best thing I ever did!!!

I am now with a company that appreciates what I do and I will NEVER work for Regis Corp. again!!!


Also, I am one of the very few who clean in the salon I work at.

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