University Park, Texas

I have worked for the regis company for 11 months and doing hair professionally for 1 year and a half. They are take alot of money out of your check for one and as a hairstylist we know there are some months in the year business slows down but regis doesn't care its make commission or else. Be warned if you make an hourly check the next commission check you get will have more money taken out by regis because of your hourly. The reason regis corp has so many unsatisfied customers if because they have struggling unsatisfied stylists who rarely have anything good to sayabout the company themselves

When I started with the company I worked for mia & maxx in the parks mall in arlington tx which was eventually closed. I accepted a transfer to our sister salon regis which was also in the parks mall in arlington tx. Stylist beware the manager JULIE RHYMES is an uptight, overbearing rude disrespectful unempathetic tyrant. Working there almost made me lose my passion for styling hair.its not a salon its julies world. One by one she is firing every transfer from mia & maxx for dumb reasons. We lost more than half our clientele in the transfer because the prices are too high.I mean come on its 2012 who pays $ 38 for a haircut there are too many other places that can do it just as good for cheaper.

if you like to be independent, creative, and express yourself. If you want to truly get paid your worth. And if you don't want to be a slave. DONT WORK FOR REGIS SALON ESPECIALLY IN THE PARKS MALL IN ARLINGTON TX

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Three years later I see this adolescent and inexperienced "stylist", if you will, has written about the most honorable, respectful and talented Julie Rhymes at Regis Salon. Your complaining being self-'experienced' stylist under two years is comedy.

I worked for Julie Rhymes for 8 years. Best mentor I ever had!!

Shut up and listen up. I hope you have grown up since this posting three years ago...

to Anonymous #1092293

i guess hitler needs a best friend

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #586712

you really r *** if ur compairing a *** salon to HITLER!

to anonymous #587955

It takes a *** person to not realize she was talking about the owner/ Corporation not the *** salon ***!!! But she is absolutly right i work for the company and it is horrible We have nothing to show for working there but all the *** they do about the *** stuff that no one would ever think of.

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