im a former employee of a regis salon which i worked for them for a lil over 5yrs and i was always told we where never to wear open toe shoes as r dress clothes! well i was walkin through the ashtabula mall in northern ohio and both regis and master cuts ladies where wearin sandles that where open toes! it doesn't make since if one salon has a dress code and knowin the same regis company for smart styles, mastercuts,regis,bestcuts ,n famous hair should all be the same for that dress code!what is with that!

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State laws very some states allow open toe shoes while others do not


I've for a few of Regis chains of and on for several years, and it has been my personal experience that working for a Regis chain is like playing a board game with family and friends, the rules change by the players. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of consistency practiced with this company.


7-10 years ago, it was against the cosmetology rules in most states to wear open toed shoes.

but, in the last few years almost every state has done away with that rule.

have you ever known anyone that has hurt their foot with scissors?

i have been doing hair for 20 years and have never seen or heard of a foot injury with scissors. we all cut our fingers now and then...

to des Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1011562

As a matter if fact I dropped my scissors and the tip landed perfectly into the top of my foot and bled pretty bad. I have a scar from it and I was NOT wearing open toe shoes and never do at work.

to des #1434893

I have heard of hair Splinter's on the feet


Rules vary by state. That has NEVER been an official Regis rule, BTW. I contacted the home office and you are wrong.


I'm a Regis stylist in Socal and flip flops are a "no no" in all Regis.Regis salons arn't all suppose to be diffrent in rules.It's all uniformed.Sounds to me the Managers arnt doing they're job..And it makes me sad to see a former Regis empoyee complain.Sounds to me "Bitter" is in the works.I'm sorry to hear you didnt enjoy being at Regis..


Drop a pair of scissors by accident on your open toed shoes and you will never where them again to salon work. Some states forbid it!!


You sound ignorant and you don't know how to type or spell.


That is really ***. Grow up.

p.s. Things change.

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