I have been a hairdresse for thirty-one years.Customers come into your salon with the attitude,that we don't know what we are doing,right from the start.You can tell a customer that they should not get a perm,but they will not listen.I will not do a chemical service if I feel that it will fry the hair.However I've had customers say oh!my hair is dry already,don't worry about it.Well I do!I would rather have a client mad at me for refusing to do a chemical,than doing it and they go around telling everyone,that I ruined their hair.Management will not always stand behind you because they might disagree,and then the client thinks you are lazy and don't want to do it.people have no idea how hard it is to please the public.you are dammed either way.I have costomer's that will come in and when I ask how they want their haircut" they say you're the stylists. Try and figure out what you want when you come in,and help us out a little we work all day,with out breaks and sometimes it is impossible to even go to the bathroom or get a drink we are not robots,nor are we mind readers and bad attitudes just make me sad.sad to think that the reason I'am there is to make you happy with your service,not to be treated like I'am someone to take your anger out on.remember we are not all created equal.

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I love it when people call the salon and say what box color at Walmart would you suggest? Really??? If box color was good for your hair, I wouldn't have a job!

Cowes, England, United Kingdom #26961

i am merely a consumer, but i LOVE your ethic!!! at least you give a crud...

i wish i could go get my hair done at your salon, but i dont have the money :D

but thanks for being out there and giving a rat's...***.. :D

Huangshan, Anhui, China #25880

why do people call hair salon and ask DU MB questions like if I use this color what will it do to my hair?duh ! If you think that I am giving out free advise these people are crazy!!!

Contoocook, New Hampshire, United States #15973

amen sister

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