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hi,I could not believe after I but my heart in the comp. for Moore than three years,working hard day in and day out,they heard from a customer abut me opening my Owen shop thy flipped and could not at least give my two week leave,they ask me to go without mercy knowing I'M a friend of the manger(that what i believed )but the bottom line in the the dollar they don't care about no one this is the second time i experience that stay away trust me from Reggis co.god bliss

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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If you are truly opening up your own shop, please learn how to spell!!

Open up your business, and don't look back.


This is a typical salon policy. I'm sure you would find this elsewhere.

It's the dog eat dog mentality of the business world. Get used to it.


If you work for regis you are told before you are hired that it is 100% against their policy to work in anyother salon while working for them. And good luck with the salon because you spell like a first grader.


Learn to spell and speak correctly, it will serve you better.


Heres the thing as a company they are doing *** poor. Actually negative over last year and are up for sale.

So they need all the customers they can get. Why would they let you come to their salon every day for 2 weeks so that you can tell every customer that you do that comes in where and when you will be opening your own shop?!?!?! Sometimes you have to think of it as a business point of view.

They actually made a smart decision. Regis sucks we all know that so look at it as a blessing you got out 2 weeks earlier than you would have!!

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