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been with the comp sents 06 and then it was good real good ever sent they got a new prisident nd ceo its sad what has happen to this solon i am disapointed with what is going on behine the seans i belive that the ceos should do the the tv show undercorer boss and work for 3 weeks with me and compair what it use to be like sents 06 they have droped the compution frome 40 present to 38 y would any good hair style come to work for this comply and as a maniger of a solon the only girls i can get to work are straight from school and mess up a lot wile women with 27 yrs of exper are going els were and getting 5 present comption and custiomers do not come back sad what is happening its per gread

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UMMM are you 8 yrs should go back to school and learn how to spell.


I went to Regis Salon about 2wks ago and pd 46.00 for a hair cut! Because she was supposed to be a mastery hair stylists!

I didn't think she did all that great a job!The other stylists I get to cut my hair charges 20.00 and does a better job!

I will stick with the my hair stylists from now on! Forty-six dollars is way to much for a hair cut!

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