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Happen today @ 4 Pm, My daughter make an appointment for Wash,shampoo,Dry and style,When we get there, Karl ask when was the hair last wash? My daughter said today!

Karl said we don't need to wash it.We will just style your hair.

Took 15 minutes to curl Iron it and few lose Braid.

Payment time ,they charge her $38.00 , My daughter was not happy with the hair, and with the Price.

I told her to go back and ask why it's too much? according to them wash ,shampoo and style was $28.00.

Any way the staff @ this location was not professional, over charge a 14 years old,and we are not coming back. They lost us as a customer, and they will probably lost more.

Very un happy mother of a 14 years old girl,who got rip off by the Regis Salon West town Mall.

Shame on you all...

Monetary Loss: $38.

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I have never heard of a styling salon that didn't charge extra for braids. What do you mean the staff wasn't professional?

They do have to charge for their services. For your information where I live the two beauty schools charge $7.50 for 1/2 hour of braiding. I definitely know that Regis charges a heck of a lot more than beauty schools do, for any of their services. Then there was also tax added on.

As the mother you should have been there and required an explanation of the charges, being you are upset about the cost.

Instead you send a girl that is barely a teenager to do your job.

to anonymous #1330351

I agree,mother should have been there with her

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