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I didn\'t know you could add photos (laughs) The first one is right after it got done and the second is after the fix.

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I went into Regis in the town my university is at. I scheduled an appointment with a girl who recently graduated at the top of her class at the same beauty school I was attending at the time (I dropped beauty school,felt it was more of a hobby than a career).Considering her high credentials, I felt confident she would do a good job.

I was wrong.

At the time I had reddish/brown hair and my boyfriend wanted me to go back to blonde (mistake number 1). I told her that I did have red in my hair and she told me, "redkin color pulls out easy" and I believe her (mistake number 2)

My hair turned orange. Literally orange, if I could post a picture I would. It was so horrible, in the dead of winter after she washed me out, she didn't even dry it. Nor could I see it dry. I went home saw it and started bawling. My boyfriend thought it was hideous but tried to tell me it could be worse.

After crying on the phone to my mom she told me to call them back first thing in the morning to get it fixed. I did. I was asked if I would like the girl who messed up to fix. I said no, someone new.

The girl who fixed me up did it at 9am the next day, coming in early from her scheduled shift. She did an amazing job. It looked way better and the girl didn't charge me a dime. I have gone back to her since and still get pleased.

Moral of the story, I guess it is who you get, not the salon (my case anyways)

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Your boyfriend sounds like a ***. First he makes you change your hair color and then he says it looks hideous?

The problem isn't your hair, honey .

. .

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