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First of all, I will not be going to this salon ever again. I have no idea where to start with all of my complaints about this company.

I have extremely thick hair. I should have walked away when the stylist seemed apprehensive about doing my hair. I'm just thankful it was just a coloring, and not a really short hair cut--like I was previously thinking about. I figured she would have known what she was doing--she had cut my hair previously, and it turned out okay. Although that was just pretty simple--getting an inch or two cut off.

I had requested bright red hair with blond bangs and also had to get my previously black hair dye removed. It took 4 hours to do this. I realize it takes a bit more time to get the black dye removed... but this was just ridiculous. Two hours into it, I decided to scrap the blond bangs idea. Ok, not a big deal, I just wanted to hurry up and get out.

The lady was very rough with my scalp. After the dye was washed out, and even now... as I sit here and type this, I keep pulling mounds of hair out. I was sitting in the salon after the dye was out, literally pulling it off my head because she was so rough.

Both times that I have went there and had my hair done by this same lady, she has had either her son or daughter in there. (Both of high school age.) I thought this was a professional work place? Both her son and daughter made remarks on my clothing, makeup, and just kept staring at me and talking while she worked on my hair. It was very aggravating. I went in there to get my hair fixed, not gossip and have a family reunion.

I have photos of my hair, if any one wants to see the awfulness that has came out of this. I assumed I would walk out with bright red hair, but I came out with a maroon-ish colored hair with black spots and various shades of red. It looks awful and has brought my self esteem down significantly. I can't afford to get it fixed again. She entirely skipped the bleaching process--which is what I assumed she would do to get that shade of red... since my hair is pretty dark as is.

Not to sounds racist--because I'm far far from racist... but she was a african american woman that was doing my hair. She was very pretty, none the less, but as soon as the other african american women walked in... they suddenly got priority over me. It was only supposed to take 30 mins for the color to set, and I waited an hour and 27 mins (my husband and his friend that was visiting literally counted because they were waiting outside) while she started and finished a hair relaxing on another woman. It also does not take 45 mins to blow dry ones hair. Do hair stylists get paid by the hour or something? Because I'm honestly shocked at the poor service here.

I know I have thick hair, but I didn't expect it to take 45 minutes for blow drying... and I didn't even get any proper styling.

The other woman that was working was finishing up and popping out customers ten times faster than this one was. (I'm not sure of her name, sorry.) I apologize if I offended anyone with my description, I just used it for description purposes only... not to be racist--I realize that is a super touchy subject that I do not wish to dwindle in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

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For a service like this , 3 hours seem like a good time , your hair was colored black and as you said "really thick" , it's amazing she only took 3 hours . Im sorry but all of you idiots who are claiming to be stylists should know for a fact that COLOR DOES NOT LIFT COLOR!!!

So the stylist must have used some form of bleaching to remove the black color to get it lighter to tone it. I am sorry to hear that you did not get what you wanted but know that anytime you are getting a corrective color ( any removal of black dye to go lighter is a corrective color ) that it's a process and takes a long time and usually because of previous BLACK hair dyed with box color usually the results for bright red or any brights are not guarantee unless you are going in sessions! So for you to complain on how long it took just proves your ignorant and have no appreciation for hard working stylists! Yes the maroon could maybe be a bit nicer but did you think that you had underlying pigments from the box black dye and that your hair was already porous from whatever you did to it before could have a lot to do with how your hair turned out!

Be realistic, I'm so tired of idiots who dye their hair black and wants an extreme change in less than 2 hours!

Get real and try to understand how hair coloring works ! So tell me if age didn't use some form of bleaching method, how the *** did she lighten your hair to get it to a maroon color you ignorant ***!


people stop comming in with black *** hair and expecting to be blonde or any type of bright color in one sitting!!! unless of course u want your hair fried off!!!!


To written by morons?Did you not read the part where she said the stylist did not use bleach?So the stylist was incompitant and if she could not do the job as a proffesional should have told her she could not do it!!


that salon isn't for you.. you're obviously too poor to afford it and don't know a god *** thing about hair..

if your hair was black... you want it to go bright red??? that's a long process w/ extensive damage to your hair.. if you knew anything about color or thought to ASK..

you would have realized that.. don't blame someone who was trying to do what you wanted b/c you're an ***


Four hours is not a long time for that, I'm sorry it's just not.


I'm sorry about your visit. I've never been to Regis.

But I go to this professional hair salon called Identity. I get my hair done by the top stylist there. She gets things done quick and right. I came in with hair that was almost black; it'd had black dye in it, but from months back so faded.

I wanted to be blonde. I was okay with yellow blonde, I was saving platinum for a seperate bleach. And without exaggeration, with this extremely talented, experienced, and quick hair stylist who paid close attention and always had assistants by me, this hair bleaching took three hours. I have very thin hair, at the time about shoulder length, and had been bleached to a dark dark brown from the sun.

Bleaching to blonde can not be a quick process if it's from a shade as dark as black. Obviously you didn't do any research or talk to anyone about how the process of black to blonde is. It's harsh. You'll get scalp burns.

It hurts. It takes hours. And if you want results, you have to be patient. If you quit something halfway through it, you're not going to have good results either way.

Upon all of that, red is the worst color to keep in blonde hair.

Red is the hardest color to keep in any hair. Bright red one day, okay, but in a week or so, it's gonna be that maroon color.

I appologize for your misfortune but be sure to look into what you're going to do and go to the right place for it. I always felt like Regis was just a place for a better-than-great-clips-quality haircut.


I have been with Regis for 10 years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job.

The salon you work in is only a vessel. What you do with it is up to you. They supply EVERYTHING you need to grow and develope your business. They provide you with all your supplies, chemicals, back bar ect...

They provide you with monthy workshops to educate you and keep you abreast of the latest trends. They offer paid vacations, stock options, 401 K, health insurance and much much more. They teach you how to grow your clientel through pre-booking, and how to increase your checks by recommending the correct products for your clients therefore earning a percent in retail sales. They reward you by giving you incentive points in which you can redeem for appliances, shears, cruises, and a plethora of different things!

Do you have to work hard at customer service? *** skippy! Do you need to follow thier guidlines for a sucessful career? Umm,,,yeah.

They spend thousands of reasearch dollars to help us build a sucessful career,,,Do you really think they would do that if all they wanted was a bunch of sweatshop employees? Really? You reap what you sow. If you work thier guidelines, there is no way you can fail.

After reading these complaints, I'm very sorry some of you recieved bad customer service. It is certainly not what the majority of Regis stylists are about. In my 26 years of being a stylist I have owned my own salon, worked booth rent, worked for a privatly owned salon, and worked for a chain that required me to cut a head every 30 minutes like an assembly line!

What a joy THAT was...NOT! Give me Regis Corporation ANYDAY!


1. you need to lighten your hair with bleach in order to get it to lighten. This could take up to an hour.

2. Your hair is obviously thick so your hair is going to lighten in variation due to the fact that the hair underneath is going to get warmer than the bottom therefore there would be lighter and darker spots.

3. There is no excuse for your hair to turn out the way it did. I am a stylist for a privately owned salon. It should have turned out better. But you have to understand that when you try to go lighter after coloring it dark, it can be quite a process.

so don't complain about how long it takes.

:( The one in the ohio valley mall was supposed to perm my hair when i walked in the guy that was supposed to do it was not inand the lady told me my hair was dry and nasty she was someone i went to school with and we did not get along so she made an issue about my hair and refused to do it so i went to sears and since i did not have an appointment with them they could not do it but said nothing was wrong with my hair and if they had time they would do it so i got it cut and styled instead which after that i went to them or somone else because regis is no longer on my list they hire unprofessionals and losers.

Okay, she obviously bleached it or you wouldn't be able to even see lighter hair. Also, why did you go back if you were unsatisfied with the first visit? Use some common sense.

I asked for a normal hair cut I work in film and the *** gave me a military high and tight and overcharged me. :( :( :(

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