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I went to the Regis in the Town Center Mall in Charleston, WV. I made my appt. for 10 am so I wouldnt get a stylist that was tired already. I also called beforehand to confirm the price, they told me $55 plus the cost of the cut which is $29, 55 + 29 = 84. I got there and the stylist that I had the appt. with was cutting one of his co-workers hair, so another stylist took me.

I brought pictures with me to show EXACTLY what cut & color I wanted. She looked at them, but apparently can't follow directions because my hair is totally different from what I wanted. Instead of having a choppy *** cut I have a bob, and instead of it being dark brown with red streaks it is black underneath and the top layer of hair is dark red.

The whole time she was working on my hair (5 hours!) I thought she was trying to scalp me, it felt like she was pulling my hair out by the roots.

(The top of my head is so sore today I can't even touch it) When she colored my hair she got it on my skin about an inch out from my hairline, she didn't wipe it off or anything.

In previous experience, hairstylist put vaseline near your hairline so the color doesnt dye your skin. I had to work for an hour after I got home to scrub it off my skin. And its still not all off.

By the time I was ready to leave I was exhausted, starving and had the worst headache ever. I went to the counter to pay and they told me $139.00!!!!! I was shocked, I even said you all quoted me a price of $84.00, they wouldn't lessen the charge, the manager wasn't there and there was nothing else I could do but pay.

I am EXTREMELY pissed off at this company for hiring such incompetent people. I am now in contact with the corporate office to try and resolve this whole thing.


Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

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This is the worst hair salon I have been to. I told them that I wanted to get my hair starightened.

The stylist didn't even seem like he knew how to do it. He kept asking someone else about the various steps to do it. When I washed my hair 2 days later it was the same as before. I went there and told them that my hair is not straight, and the manager there told me that there is no treatment in the world that can completely straighten hair.

Thats total bs, I have got it completely straightened 4 times from the bay area (california). When I told her that I have got it straightened she told me that then their staff is not trained for it. They should have told this to me earlier. I told her that if my hair cannot be completely straight then i should not have got this treatment done, and she told yes.

They didn't even care that my hair was not at all straight after the treatment, in fact it was the same as before. The worst place you can go to.

The staff knows nothing and they are liars. I had this experience in the salon in southdale mall in edina, mn


Since posting this I have been in contact with the corporate office. I emailed them pictures of my hair and the pictures of what I wanted.

They have given me a refund.

But I will still tell everyone I know not to make an appt. with Shanita, the lady that worked on my hair.

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