An unskilled stylist did beach highlights on my chemically relaxed hair! I asked her to use a product that just lightened my hair and she advised bleach would be the best way to go.

When she was done I looked like a skunk. I went home and cried. I called the salon for corrective color services. The manager toned down the damaged streaks a bit and provided a conditioning treatment.

I went back a second time for more corrective color and another conditioning treatment- the manager informed me that my hair was damaged form the bleach and I would not be able to use a relaxer treatment on my hair for a while until the damaged pieces grow out. I was balancing out my check register for the month of December and noticed my total debit card charges from Regis in the month totaled $304.52. I also paid cash for some of the services and became a bit concerned at what I was exactly charged for. I requested an itemization of charges and was told that the system they operate on could not produce an itemization.

I called the corporate number four times and no one returned my phone call! I had to file a complaint through the better business bureau and I disputed the charges with my bank. Regis decided to respond to my complaint and offer me a $50 gift card to any of their salons! This is crazy, why would I want to return to a salon that ruined my hair!

Obviously this salon does not care about their customers only money- they charge for color correction so don't go to them if you are expecting quality hair care. Obviously they don't care if their customers are walking around town with bad hair.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

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Im glad that the team I work for isn't mean or hateful or any other term used.. I love working for this corporation and will continue to untill I retire.

It's to bad that there has to be so much negativity on a public forum when its really just pissed off "ex-employees" that couldn't get away with breaking the rules.... just saying.


Honey, they don't care any more about their employees. When.it boils down to it, they care more about they're pocket pay.

So they always side with the customer. You try barely making over minimum wage when you're dealing with spoiled irate customers. And see just how much you like it. In av alone, we have to have 2000 hrs.

Which is the highest amount nation wide. And then you go to work for a corporation that you love however, you get regional and area supervisor that are usually burnouts stylists and they have a jealous mean streak. Heck, one tried to write me up for wearing sandles and a cowboy hat when I was off duty. Its not the salon or the corporation.

Its the stylistic and the supervisors. They run off anyone they cant run over!

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