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I went to regis salon at south hills village mall in PA. There was only 2 women working at the time and they were not busy at all. So I was excited seeing that I left my two young children at home and hate to leave them for very long.I never get my hair done at a salon since I have 2 kids I get the luxury of going once a year.

Anyhow, this women in her late 30's sat me down washed my hair and we began talking about her day/my day etc. My mom was with me as well so she was sitting reading a magazine when the women said (her exact words) "hey lady are you getting your hair cut?" my mom laughed and looked shocked and said "no?" the hair stylist replied with "oh go get me a diet coke outta that machine by the exit" after I let her know she was my mother. My mom went and got it. I was just thinking ehh maybe she's just very outspoken. so we went over to the chair and i told her what i wanted done.

she started off doing my color, she was spilling it everywhere. I asked my mom to hang my coat up and the woman said don't walk over there we just cleaned the floor calling her lady again and took my coat in her bleach covered glove and tossed it to the floor under her station. I hadn't noticed the stains on my coat until i had left. Well after i was sitting under the dryer she came over and took me back to her station after washing the dye out. At that point it had been about 45 minutes to an hour.

My mother left to do some shopping. She began cutting my hair and not even 5 minutes went passed an a man came in and she said exact words "move over to the next station i wanna cut his hair so he doesn't leave I'm broke" I was shocked and mad and I said "really?" she told me it would take 5 minutes. Knowing it wouldn't i moved anyway i wasn't going to make her mad or leave with half of a hair cut. 30 minutes later!!! she began cutting again. Then she decided she wanted to take a cigarette break. I thought I was dreaming. At this point I had been sitting in Regis Salon for going on 2 hours. Furious! The hair cut and color looked great but omg i was so tired and felt mistreated being pushed to the side over and over again. She rang me up and i wanted the shampoo she used and she got it for me and charged me double what it was supposed to be I made a comment and she said "excuse me don't you think i know what it costs i work here" and she started laughing like i was an ***. My cut, color and shampoo came to a grand total of 180.00. How is that possible? She told me my color which consisted of blonde highlights and underneath was dark brown was two separate jobs so it totalled 120.00, the cut was 40.00 and the shampoo was doubled to 20.00 when it was 9.50 originally. I paid it left her no tip since i knew she was pocketing the money. I complained and never got a response. Never will I let that crazy woman cut my hair again. Remember to those of you who judge salons by class, super cuts, regis, phillip pelusi it doesn't matter where it matter s who is cutting your hair. Everyone is different.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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I know the woman you had for a stylist. You are correct.


I KNOW who that woman was. Her name is Karen.


That is unbelievable - you were much more patient than I would have been. That said, I have been going to Taylor at this location since late April and she is fantastic - always pleasant and does a GREAT job on my hair. I haven't received this many comments on my hair in ages.


Wow! I am so shocked at the service you got!

You should call their corporate office...and that girl should be fired for stealing. WTF???

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