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I went into the Regis salon in the Florida Mall yesterday to get my bangs trimmed. I figure, no big deal.

I explained the EXACT way I wanted them trimmed, to a T. When the stylist didn't really even seem to listen to me, I was worried, but I figured he knew what he was doing. It was just a bangs trim for Christ's sake! Low and behold, he RUINED my bangs.

I paid and left the store politely, thanking him, after seeing the bangs at a distance. I walked right next door to Saks Fifth Avenue, looked in a beauty counter mirror, and FREAKED OUT. I have NEVER complained at a salon before, but this was ridiculous!!!! I now have some bangs that nearly fall into my eyes and some halfway up my forehead!!!!!

It looks like someone took a big *** out of sections of my bangs. I'm furious!!!! My card was refunded after quite a bit of protest, but the tip was not.

And now I literally PAID to look ridiculous. I'm FURIOUS.


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Sounds like tara works for the evil Regis!


actually it's not rude at all. a customer's perception of a facility is based on their own personal experience. a store has to be prepared to deal with negative publicity when they screw up someone's hair.

If they can't deal with it, they should sell the shop.


really cause i had a wonderful salon experience there and just because one person messed up your bangs doesnt mean that every stylist there is like that. this is a really rude comment

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