Regis hair salon at Meadowhall Sheffield. South Yorkshire.

England. Today I went for my hair trimming, first the hairdresser burnt my head with the water she used for shampooing, when I pulled away she just pulled me back, never asked what was wrong, then she dried my hair roughly, rubbing my eyes smearing my mascara all over my face. Then the blow dry was barbaric. .

drier burnt my head, than she nearly pulled my head off whilst blow drying, the look on her face said she was enjoying pulling my hair really hard. I will never go there again. Terrible terrible terrible.

Barbaric place. like torture.

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Just been to Sheffield Meadowhall and popped in to Regis to book an appointment for a head shave as I have done for many years. The usual price is £8-£10 depending which Stylist was on duty, however today I was horrified to be told that it would cost me £34!!

It was patently obvious the young girl on the counter was being told to fobb me off by her manager in the background. (and the salon was empty!!)


Sweat shop labor thats exactly it!! Open 7 days a week 12 hours a day!!

Regis has taken the love doing hair out all their employees! Its just a job! One head right another head! One gets up another sits down!

Assembly line! Fast food! They want you to work like robots!!Its all about money and numbers! You get wrote up if you dont make commission!

Haha they think thats a way to motivate you go out in the walmart and bring in clients! haha not going to happen! I will take the write up! Their supposed to provide us with clients!

thats one of their ways of getting you to work there! Heavy traffic always a steady clientele! Oh yeah!

Love the way they write people up for making too much money! They write a new policy every time you turn around1 Basically Regis sucks1

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