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i've worked for regis for 12 years and was sadly let go for no reason that corperate can tell me. "i cant see that any security regulation was violated." and now they dont want to pay me my bonous.

I am so disappointed that I am going to contact my most AWESOME lawyer. The stylist that started this mess could NOT do hair and I tried to mentor her for years and she still is worthless and Regis is going to pay HER money as they put there tail between there legs and brush me under the rug. They forget how out going I am and that they need to be right and pay me what I deserve. All I wanted was a successful salon and trying to do this in the worst part of town.

Try charging Master stylist prices in the GETTO. Because I am so awesome I got MY money, (for regis corperate).

Im not bitter, just mad. Does carma hit corperations???????

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #174638

HEY sweetheart ,

u r not the only one they have done that too myself was let go also after 5yrs .this company is not what they say they are ...

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