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I have been coloring(highlighting)for aleast 15 years with Regis from the state of Ct to Florida.I highlight every 3 months or so.I've noticed a change in the color that last 3 times.I highlight my hair light blonde and gold...she does blonde blonde gold while highlighting.The color blonde she did used to be so light with a shine.I used to walk out of the salon with a great big smile.The same formula of blonde now is darker and dull.I called a top hair dresser in california whom works for Regis and he told me that the Wella products did change there suppose to be more gentle.My hair dresser told me maybe its your hormones or your roots are growing in darker...I am very upset my hair dresser is making me feel like its me not the product.I am not ***!!!I know many many products have changed,prices,size of produts lots of things have changed due to our recession...I will now have to find a new Salon...Im sad but what can i do?

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Newington, Connecticut, United States #1214193

The same thing happened to me. I too have blonde hair.

Do you remember the name of the products they use to use? Its not Redkin either. My hair dresser use to sneak in the old product for me but she left the salon.

I have not done my hair in months and I hate my black stripeAny hairdressers out there in Ct. To help us???!!!


Quit being so negative. I take classes at Wella and there are a lot more worse color lines out there that the regis corporation uses.

Feel good that they are using wella products on you. Regis has in house education that extends mainly to basic product use and a half fast technique. Maybe you should find a specialized professional that can assure you with real and possible results.

You gambled with your hair and your blaming your uneducated hairstylist for your poor choices. QUIT BEING CHEAP


Call your stylist that did your hair and explain to them that it is different that your not happy ith it. If it has not been to long they should redo for free or give money back.

They can always use eliminate on your hair and then recolor or for that fact you can go to a beauty supply store such as sallys and by a box of color removal and then purchase the color you want and recolor it...

But i would first try to calmly contact the salon and your stylist. If that doesnt work contact manager or home office.


shave your head

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