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I Went to The Regis Salon In Aurora Illinois- Westfield mall to get 1 inch trimmed off. Now I am an Indian women and in my culture our hair is our crowning glory!

(That is why we are so picky!!!) The girl just chopped off 5 inches!!! I was so upset,I felt like they just discriminate against us Indian women!! Needless to say, I only gave her a 3.00 tip. That's okay because that is all I ever tip.

Please ..if you are Indian and want to keep your long hair,Do no go there! You will get all your hair cut off!

Monetary Loss: $31.

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Ms Eileen, "sizzor" happy? Really???

I see whay you ar a manageer at a Regis saylon. Maybe you should try to be as encouraging and supportive of your comrads, as you are the peopel who made you a manager....


And I fine It poor logics to say Hair stylist arnt bright,I\'m a stylist and I have my degree in art history.Remember,a bad stylist dont speak for all stylist.I honestly hope you guys fine you\'r stylist and stay with them.:)


I understand that being indian it's a culture pride to have long hair,BUT I'm sure it's not a personal attack on race when the stylist took off 5 inches of you're hair.What it sounds like to me is that she wasn't a good stylist.Two big reasons why Stylist in any company mess up on hair..1# Lack of communication 2# Lack of education.The company Regis salon proviveds good education,you're stylist got abit sizzor happy..We have many cultures come into our shop in SOCAL and they come out so happy..It's not Regis hun,It's the stylist.


I am not Indian but had the same thing happen to me once. I have since started showing them how much I want cut off by using my fingers as a guideline.

Still, the people at these clip joints aren't the brightest.

That was nice of you to tip. I don't know if I would have been so nice.

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