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I walked into the Regis Salon at the Augusta, GA. mall and was told there would be a half hour wait.

So I made an appointment for that time. I returned a little early, so sat in the waiting area. There were 4 workers sitting around talking, and acknowledged I was there, but no one got off their butt. I waited past my appointment time, then left.

I will NEVER go back to a Regis hair salon again.

I tried to email them, but it wouldn't send, so I hope they get this. Who can afford to ignore paying customers?!

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a lot of time the stylist that are just hanging out are waiting on people they have on their book already. i have gone to multiple salon's like that.

i don't know what was going on that day but i know sometimes you can have a longer wait depending on who's free and who has someone coming in already. :) it may have just been that day.

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