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WARNING: Regis Hair Salon stylists will not honor an outright NO from you. I have gone five times to the salon at Pentagon City, the first time getting a great coloring.

The second time I went my same stylist picked a lighter color -- not sure why she didn't stay with the same when I said I wanted the same again, but she changed it and made it organgy. The third time I let her know I really didn't want that color again and the first had been so good, PLEASE can we go back. She changed it back, and that was a great coloring, as was the following time. Today I went back for the fifth coloring, and said I wanted the same that I've had the past two times.

She goes in back to mix colors and comes out and says "Oh, now we have this nice lighter color I think you'd really like" and I said "No, please, I want the darker we've gone with the past two times." And she said okay and went back in back. She came out and did my hair, and in the wash she said, "I really like this color I chose for you, I think you're going to love it." It's a lighter orangy shade again. I am so P.O.'d. WTF?

No, seriously.

WTF is wrong with someone like that? Never, ever, ever going back and STRONGLY advise against trying them.

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I so agree. I got a great hair coloring while on vacation at a Regis in Orlando, FL.

I asked for the formula to take back to my local Regis Salon and the color was totally different. Instead of Medium Ash Brown, I got light Reddish Brown.

I was trying to get the red out. I even told her the finished color should be a neutal brown.

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