I had my hair colored at Regis and it was a total disaster. I called them and they basically told me too bad!!!

I could not get a refund nor did they offer to re-color my hair. Please don't use their services and they offer no support when things go wrong.They put all the blame on the consumer and don't accept any responsibility on their part. My hair bled, it was green and patchy. I would have been a great Halloween costume contender.

They just do not care..so after you give them your hard earned money and things goes awry do not expect them to make any corrections.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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Aberdeen, Maryland, United States #656031

After many years I decided to get a spiral perm and made an appointment with Regis of Bel Air to get it done. I paid $140.00 including a tip.

I was thinking it would settle down. What I got was not even a spiral perm. It damaged my hair where I had hairs sticking up on top. I hate it.

It's the worse hair treatment I've ever had. I went back and they conditioned it and offered to trim it.

The cut was so uneven that it looked like she never even cut the left side. Pissed.


I've gone to alot of places here where I live and about 3 different places couldn't manage to give a good hair cut or even good costumer service including Regis. I got so tired of bad cuts over 5 years time I stopped cutting my hair at all but I finally decided to give it a go again and went to a really upscale place and they hacked it up yet again and I couldn't walk around like that.

I called Regis and told them I need someone who can actually cut hair to fix the mess and that was 1 year ago and the best cut ever.

I now will only go to Regis and just to that one person. You just have to find that one person and stick with them.


Regis sucks! I've asked for a classic men's haircut..guess what?

I had to go somewhere else and pay another $30 to get it right! Just don't go there: Indianapolis , Greenwood Park Mall


Went to the Monroeville salon for a wash and blow dry. The stylist, Dana, was a racist.

I felt the tension as soon as the front desk asked her to do the job. She left my hair half dry and when I asked her to dry it a little more, she said she already did and her lunch break was coming up.


These comments are EXACTLY why I left the industry. Bunch of lousy consumers, who don't know what they want, or have unrealistic expectations, and then when it doesnt turn out, the way they want, they whine all over town about it.

Just some advice for the future. Get to know a stylist. Go in for a blow dry or trim before you get a full cut. Let someone get to know you before you let them color your hair.

And, yes, it DOES matter what bull *** do it yourself products you put on your hair in-between. Some can take out a perm, OR, put up such a barrier, that color cant be done properly.

Sun and salt water ruin color, but blame us when it goes wrong, and buy any cheapy *** products you can use in between. :eek duh!!


I went to the regis in Bel Air, Maryland yesterday to have my hair lifted and re-dyed a lighter shade of brown. The stylist assured me that the color she picked for me would be lighter than the color I had.

At the end of it all the color that I ended up with looked exactly the same as the color I had come in with. She charged me $130 for the lifting and color and cut. I went home and looked in the mirror that is much brighter than regis's and saw the the color was the same. My roommate couldn't even tell that I had anything done.

I called that night and told the stylist I wasn't happy with the color and she told me to come in the next day so another stylist could fix it for free. I went in today and the stylist told me that if I lifted it again my hair would be fried. She instead suggested highlights so not as much would be damaged. I agreed and she did highlights on the crown that turned out good.

I was leaving and ready to tip her $15 for fixing it and she tells me that I owe $65. I told her that the stylist from the previous day told me it would be free and she told me that her manager told her to charge me because I had a new service done. It would have been nice if they could have mentioned that to me beforehand because I would have put up with the way it was.

I basically paid $200 for the same hair I had before with some highlights that I will now haveto continue paying for. I will be calling the corporate office tomorrow.


ive had my hair done at regis many times and the last time i had it done i brought in a pic and they did the exact cut on the pic. im going into jr high i want to get my hair cut colored and highlighted and i wanted to know if regis was a good place to get it done


Doesn't sound like the Regis in the Pearl City Mall. I had my hair done there.

Perm and high/lowlights a cpl of weeks apart. The perm didn't take too well. It only took one phone call on my part and my hair was repermed at no cost.

The high/lowlights came out perfectly. I was very satisfied with the customer service and professionalism of the stylist.


:cry i have never been treated so rudely hes racist and did an awful cut it was not what i wanted at all i will never return


My daughter called regis here in Pearl City HI and asked them their prices and they said that for a weave it would start at 65.00, she thought that would be fine. She went in and the Manager did her hair, a color and a weave and a cut.

She just went to someone prior and had them do the same exact cut and color and weave and it cost 90.00, we thought maybe it might cost a little more here. When it was time to pay, she charged my young daughter 300.00 freaken dollors. That was all the money she had to her name for the next two weeks and as soon as she left she just broke out in tears and called me. I went in and told them they never disclosed any of those hidden prices and didn't tell her as she went what the cost would be.

I want our money back and I want to be contacted by phone. 541-301-7083, my daughter should not have given her the money, but because of her age she gave all her money to her. I am so besides myself, I have gone to Regis for years and years and have never, ever been taken advantage of like this. Maybe you should be looking at what your people are doing here in Hawaii.

We could have taken a plane to the main land and gotten a hair for cheaper :cry She also has red dye on her scalp.

I will take a picture if you want. Karen Tevis

Lytle Creek, California, United States #27241

I have been getting my hair done by Regis for several years now!! Keep up the good work.

Caddo Gap, Arkansas, United States #25213

Yesterday I went to get a trim...I am still growing my hair out from a layered Rihanna bob and only wanted to even up the sides a little. I specifically said I wanted less than half an inch off.

My hair is now to my chin and very uneven (it was to my shoulders when I went in) and my bangs are above my eyebrows. I never said I wanted my bangs cut!!!! It makes me mad that I was so specific in my directions and my hair was ruined totally. I'm scared to go somewhere to get it fixed because I don't want it any shorter.

School starts in a month for me and my hair looks terrible. I would be in a ponytail phase right now if I could get it all in one.

Virginia, Minnesota, United States #18382

Many years ago I went to a harvey allen salon in syracuse and they did my hair awesome...so later that year for my senior prom I figured that all harvey allen salons were created equally, and made an appointment for the one in east islip on main street in NY,...apparently not... I asked for my hair to be tight pulled back all up with barrel curls...

this stylist was teasing my hair, and making loose curls... she was clueless. and finally I asked her to step back and I did myown hair... which it came out awesome!

That was 13 years ago... I have since become a stylist and I have no desire to work at H/A/S

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #14547

I am also sorry to hear of your disappointment.I have worked for 2 differant regis salons and at no time have I ever not seen a customer not been delt with in a non-perfessional way or even given a customer service # if the customer was still unhappy.I would do every thing in my power even if it meant involving another stylist or even my manager to correct the problem to satisfy the situation.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #14546

I am also sorry to hear of your disappointment.I have worked for 2 differant regis salons and at no time have I ever not seen a customer not been delt with in a non-perfessional way or even given a customer service # if the customer was still unhappy.

Yaounde, Centre Department, Haiti #12461

I work for Regis Salon and I have to say that we do everything that we possibly can to make our clients happy. Its sad to hear that a stylist would do things such as these to their cleints. I work very hard to please all clients that sit in my chair.

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