Midland Mall, Texas City Tx.

Regis Hair Salon

The worst experience of my life having my hair done.

The cut was so chopped up, I asked for the ends to be trimmed, she cut 6-8", had my hair highlighted, you could not tell it had been processed, had to be done again. The right side of my hair was 2-3" shorter than the left, she layered it....I did not want layering. She kept me turned from the mirror the entire time. Also, she could not speak English, at all.

Horrific experience, they were rude, unprofessional and unskilled.

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Manager at regis hair salon midland texas will *** up your hair.She has only been doing hair for a few months.She is a know it all.I don't think it was right for her to talk about her friend that is in the *** industry while she was doing my hair.I did not need to here all of that.


Regis salons bore me


The maneger at regis hair salon in midland texas is a hateful ***!She is very ugly talking to her staff.I will never go back in there if she is there.I do not want to pay to listen to all of that drama!Sreaming and Yelling at people turns it into white TRASH! Who cares that she used to be a bar manager!


The manager at regis hair salon in midland texas is very HOSTILE and YELL'S at her staff in front of client's.I felt bad for the stylist's that were there that day,they looked embarrased.How can a person get by with this?I told my stylist if she will find another salon i will come back to her.I will not be going back into your salon ever again!


this career has become a hispanic career with a lot of incompetence! a lot of stylists cant speak english at all but expect us to understand and speak spanish!

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