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I Went in to get a color serive done and not only did they mess up my color but the so called manager was extremly rude to me.!!!! The whole time while i was getting my hair done she was passed out under the salon dryers.

That seemed really proffesinal to me!!!

The salon itself is absolutly discusting with dust everywhere from the floor to the ceilings!, you could also tell that the person that did my hair was on some kind of drugs, seems the employees there have no class. Thank god i never brought my child into the salon there were very inoprorate conversations going on and curse words flying everywhrere.!!It is very unproffessinal there and i would not recommmend anyone to go there!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Manager.

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I'd like to tell you that you're wrong. Yes, some of the staff is a bit bitchy.

But you're at Regis, not great clip. Yeah, you'll run into a few snobs.

But this one in particular, I've always had friendly people cut my hair, and it most certainly was not as dusty as you're dramatically trying to make it seem. Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean that the whole place is ***.


If anything it looks the same.

I have had a similar experience at Regis in Evansville Indiana. I went in with dark blond hair. Told Megan the stylist I want platinum blonde hair. She said she would try to get me close to that today but it might take a time or two to get me the color I wanted. No problem I said but I want you to lighter my hair today and you'll

have to use bleach or it's going to be orange. She didn't use bleach I left the salon with an orange head and two weeks later it toned down some because I had to spend more on Blonde & Silver shampoo, but I still have a lot of gold color to my hair. I called three days after she did my hair and asked her to correct the color and get the orange tone out and she and the manager Jane refused so I called corporate and finally talked to someone sensible and said they would refund half my money. Im still waiting on the money but at least someone apologized to me for the terrible customer service I received at the Evansville salon.

Jane tried to tell me that platinum blonde and a yellow toned light blonde is the same. She is ***!!

The reciept says satisfaction guaranteed on all services and they didn't not honor that policy until I called multiple people to get to the branch manager.

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