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Well, I walked on the wild side and decided to be a "walk in" at Regis in North Richland Hills Texas at the mall. I told the very pregnant receptionist that I usually saw a very experienced "master stylist".

She said she was no longer there...SO, she thought it would be a funny thing to give me to their very new and inexperienced "regular" stylist. She was sweet, but I knew right away she was new and did not know what she was doing. Nevertheless, I let her cut my hair. I even showed her a picture of what I wanted.

(A simple cut)..She used some awful and basic cutting technique and kept asking me every time she made a cut, if that was the right length. She burned by ear with the blow dryer and then took twenty minutes to blow dry my hair after piling on the wrong hair products. Anyway, I went to the manager, who thought I looked "fine"...she said "do you want it restyled?? She did not really care that I hated my hair...she was the manager, and her responses were very unsatisfying and Regis obviously does not teach their managers regarding how to keep their customers.

I looked terrible, and she just kept saying we can redo it..But I did not want to sit there with the girl who just cut my hair so badly. Worst hair cut.Never going back ever. BTW: She used to cut hair at SUPERCUTS. And, I definitely got a supercut...but 40 dollars and no styling whatsoever.

The manager should be fired...but you can only fire white people for poor performance.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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WTF does race or anything else have to do with your haircut? Get over yourself


You have got to be kidding me? You are soo at fault..

Really you are.. 1. If you don't feel comfortable with the person cutting your hair.. NEWS FLASH: request a stylist who has been there for awhile...

2. Being a hairstylist myself, and pregnant.. hmm.. maybe I should just quit now because obviously my unborn child makes me incompetent..

And I guess by your statement, I am white so I can be fired...

Well thank you .. you certainly put my life in perspective.

Sugar Hill, Georgia, United States #27754

:? So which was it that caused the bad haircut? The pregnant receptionist?

(pregnant being completely irrelevant to incompetent), the lousy stylist, or the white manager?

(again, irrelevant to incompetent). I agree that you shouldn't have had to pay for that cut, but your first and last comments made me wonder if you walked in with a bad attitude and were looking for something they don't provide at a place like Regis (honestly, what do you expect from a mall walk-in place?)

Dorchester, England, United Kingdom #20165

Oh, that last statement about how only white people get fired for poor performance was uncalled for. I was on your side until then!

Dorchester, England, United Kingdom #20024

You can only fire "white people" for poor performance? And I guess only Neo-Nazi white supremes are allowed to get bad haircuts! What the *** does anyone's race have to do with your ugly hair?

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