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The only reason why Regis has their current stylists is because most of them are college students who may be in beauty school or who just got their license. Mind you every stylist whether working for Regis or not has done this earlier on in their career.

Every store has a quota to to maintain and the fastest way to get stylists is through a beauty school. As a stylist myself I understand the major concern about this company, because women are very aware of some of the current issues inside of these salons....Part One To Be Cont'd.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've been with Regis for 6 years and I'm a Wella educator/Mentor..Regis has not and would NEVER let a non license person work behind the chair.If State Board came in Regis would be in BIG trouble.Plus,Regis offer the finest training in SOCAL from Well masters and more..You couldnt be more incorrect on you'r statement.Alot of Regis (Not all I'm sure) Do have interviews with models to see they're skills before hiring.Regis cannot and will not hire a person without a license cause a empolyee would need a Licsense ID number in oder to get a pay check.So I find you're post very incorrect and negatory.And to finish I would like to add that all corp's have to have numbers,but we focus on training and skills fisrt.


you make no sense. what's your complaint?

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