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I live in Florida, and I worked for Smartstyle (a salon located inside of Walmart that is owned by Regis). I worked there all of 4 months and got fired because I caught my manager stealing from me.

First off my manager could barely speak English. And when I first started working there he never trained me properly. I had to figure out a lot on my own. When other stylist and obviously including myself had a question he would wave his hand and say go away im busy. As days went on he became more disrespectful, and made me cry in front of my husband (I brought my husband in to be a model for a meeting we had) I did a fade on my husband and my manager came up to me and said please tell me your joking, your not finished are you? This looks horrible, how do you even have a license.(Mind you I have been giving my husband the same fade for over a year) After saying that I just broke down in front of the salon and started crying in front of everyone, The managers response to me crying was stop it, I'm not being rude or anything, I'm just firm. Dont take it personal. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! That was one of the rudest and disrespectful things ever.

He also picked favorites and would give other stylist birthday presents and *** like that but I never received anything, like I was the ugly duck or something. I always did everything he said with no back talk or disrespect. Obviously there were many more occasions that he disrespected me, and then one day when I came to work and looked in the computer to check how much money i was making for the current pay period, I noticed my manager took money out of my account and put it into his.

So I confronted him about it (very calmly and respectfully) and he said how dare I accuse him of disrespecting and stealing from me and also every 10 seconds he kept saying u need to be careful how you talk to me, i'm manager I can fire you for this.... Really? Anyways he still refused to see that he disrespected me and he said that he couldn't stand my attitude when he was helping me redo my husbands fade, I was like what are you talking about? You made me cry how is that attitude? and going back to the stealing money thing(the money was from doing a color on a client) he gave me this bogus *** about oh well she didn't like the color, so i said ok... so u put under your account and took it out of mine and he just kept saying oh well... well.. I'm manager. I was like wow. I caught you, I want my money back,

He did give it back to me and the next day he fired me saying he should of fired me cuz i confronted him about it and that I was disrespectful and out of line about the whole thing.Yea....NO!you fired me because I caught you and I was figuring out your game. I've been looking and applying non stop for a new job, with no luck, So now I'm getting ready to loose my apartment.

Im just thankful my husband understands and he helps me and we are still going strong. He has a job as well but our bills cannot be paid off of one income. I'm glad that we don't have kids yet.. cuz obviously this would make things 10 times harder. Anyways you wont make *** there either my lowest paycheck was 243 my highest was 415. everything in between was like 315 to 360.

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Wow you people obviously did not read that correctly. She didn;t mess up a clients hair color he was jsut saying that so he could take the money he didn't fix anything for her. She didn't care about getting gifts but as manager you have to treat all employees the same no matter what.


you are kidding me right? do you need a friend or a JOB?

managers are not required to give you gifts or even like you. if you whined half as much at work as you did during this blog,i would have fired you before the 90 days where up.

the policy for redos are the same in all salons. if you can not except responsibly for your mistakes you are in for it,in this business,


I'm sorry to tell you but if you had a customer come back in complaining about a color you done and another stylist had to fix it. Then your color formulation or application was wrong and you should not be paid for that service.

It should have been taken off your weekly totals. Your manager was correct! In regards to your paycheck at while there, those numbers seem low to me. Which means you were not in commission!

(Depending on the hours you work that is)

Smart Styles are in Walmart....

you must be proactive in getting customers. When you aren't busy stand up front, greet people as they come in, walk around Walmart and hand coupons out.


Umm I didn't mess anything up. I don't think u understand


anytime there is a redo, of course they are going to take the money off of your book. Do you think that they should do it for free? Do you think you still deserve that money when someone had to correct something you messed up?

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