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Worst experience ever with Diana/Diane - Whatever! This is the Regis in Plymouth Meeting Mall.

She totally screwed up my highlights. I had to hand her the foils and if I wasn't quick enough she would slap me on my arm! She was very unfriendly!!! The highlights are white!

When I expressed how I didn't like it, she said she would put toner on it after she cuts my hair. She did the worse cut job EVER! She got dye all over my shirt!!! They say she does have a license there, but I am thinking its a KMART license!!!

I should've stuck with Nicole, the girl who did an excellent, superb job on my hair before. Instead, I let my friend Michelle have her, whose hair looks gorgeous! Diana/Diane felt no sympathy and didn't even apologize. Instead she said, "Oh, I have to fix this gorgeous color I put on your hair!" I said, "Look, I have to live with it!" Also just because your hair is completely white, doesn't mean mine has to be!!!

Thank god Nicole was there. I give her props for taking someone else's matters in to her own hands and trying to help me out for what happened. Diane/Diana made me pay $70 for it. She made it out like she took so much money off of it when she should've not charged me at all!

When I signed the credit card slip and didn't put a tip on it she through my receipt at me and then walked away!

Monetary Loss: $70.

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a certifiably crazy woman and a known thief now running/ruining an already slagging business, Regis really knows how to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Dundas, Ontario, Canada #22678

I know exactly who you are talking about! I had the exact same experience in February and it was so rude how I had to do the foils!!!

I have never been asked to do that before!

Very unprofessional! I am looking for a new place to go now...

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