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in 02/08 i went in asked for a rinse, the stylist gave me a permanent color that ruined my hair. i wrote regis , they refunded my money but said they could not pay me when i had to have all my hair cut(that or buy a wig) so i actually paid them to ruin my hair.

i sent them some hair to show how the permanent color ruined my hair.

if it hadn't been cut, all the bald spots and missing edges were too noticable . i now have to pay to get my hair in condition again.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I have nearly a decade of experience as a hairdesser, and I have never seen someone have bald spots as a result of haircolor. It the hair is damaged from repeted chemical processing, it can break off, but it does not fall out in patches.

Also, one application of permanant haircolor is HIGHLY unlikely to cause severe damage unless the hair has been heavily processed in the past. I'm sorry your hair color went wrong, and for that you deserve a refund; however, the rest of your claims are completely outlandish and I wouldn't have paid you either.

Huangshan, Anhui, China #22850

HAHA!!!you got your moneyback stop crying hair grows!!

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