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I took my 5 year old last night to this salon for the first time. We just moved into town and I'm still trying to find a decent place to go. Well I took her here to basically get the same style hair cut that she had because I am about to get my kids' christmas pictures done.

When I first walked in there was 3 ladys sitting down talking to each other. I said I wanted my daughters hair cut and she told "Sarah" (I didn't catch her real name) to take us. "Sarah" was texting or something on her phone and didn't even look up at us for a minute. The lady behind the desk just said she will be with you in a few minutes. Seriously? Get off your phone!!

Then when she finally told us to come back another mom and child came in wanting to get a trim. The lady at the desk said she would have to wait until 5:00. (it was 3:50). Then 2 ladys came in wanting to get their eyebrows done and one of the employees said I am on my break for a half an hour. But she ended up taking the 2 women back anyways.

When my daughter hopped up on the seat "Sarah" asked what I wanted done. I showed her I want it chin length with the stacked layer look and I put my finger on the back of my daughters head to show here where I wanted the shortest layer, which was about the middle of her head.

She started cutting and cutting and cutting and I didn't realize how bad it was until it was too late. The length of her hair was not chin length, it was all the way up to her mouth. And the back of her head, OMG let me tell you. From behind she looks like a boy! She layered her head all the way up to the top of her head! Its literally a boy style cut. I SHOWED her where I wanted everything and she just kept cutting. and her bangs, let me tell you! She asked about bangs and I told her no bangs I want to grow them out. She said well with this type of style you need a little something. And I told her you can angle the front a little which she did. Then she said "you can even do.... THIS.... and she grabbed a small chunk of hair in front and cut her SHORT bangs. So short that they stick straight out. and they aren't even straight in the least.

I AM LIVID at how terrible it looks. I don't even know what to do about their christmas pictures now. and my poor daughter keeps looking in the mirror and saying how short it is. NEVER EVER EVER EVER will I step foot in that place again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Haircut.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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why the *** are you talking about jews during the holocaust? You have no respect and no soul.


why the *** are you talking about jews during the holocaust? You have no respect and no soul.


:? what the *** is wrong with ingrid that some poor jew getting their head shaved makes her feel better im sure she is hideous anyway so dont worry about your haircut worry about your soul


I do reccomend Nature Bounty hair nail and skin vitamins which speed up hairgrowth to almost 2 inch per month


So true... I asked for my hair to be shouldered lengh and one like in a picture.

And she cut it almost to my head to make me look like a complete four year old! Never, ever will I go there again. The back is shorter than the front it looks messed up.

I had my hair to my ribs and it took me about two years to grow back. All I think of is to make me feel better is the Jews getting their heads shaved off at the camps during the holocaust.


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