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I went to this salon to get my hair straightened but after 3 days I complained and they said i still need to iron it. Maybe there was a misunderstanding but the manager didn't say good words. She even said the words "I don't need your money" "If your country can give the style you want,then go back to your country."Every customer that complaints was given a form to sign that they will never come back to the salon anymore or else the refund would never be given back to you. What kind of a salon is that!

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Manager.

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As a stylist and former employee of the company that hates that company.....and just as a human being................I AM SOO SORRY that you would have to go through that awful experience. And sounds as if its on the line of discrimination and racism.

I have had clients that are from other countries and sometimes the language and how shall i say it ?differences? maybe not rite word but anyways and it can get frustratiog but i just learn no matter what you do the best you can and if you cant just say so but to take it to the level she did .....my mouth just dropped.

I hope you have found a stylist worthy cause we're out here. If in minnesota....lol

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