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To see photos of how Regis ruined my hair go to:

I went to Regis at the Ridgmar Mall in Ft. Worth. I spent 15 minutes carefully explaining to RUBY that I simply wanted one inch taken off my long layers. That is all. I wanted to keep the same, cut, same shape, just needed my layers freshened up.

I told her I wanted it razor cut, as this is how I get my favorite results. She refused to do it. So she started grabbing CHUNKS of my hair and just chopping. I stopped her 3 times to say "NO! What are you doing? I don't want blunt lines, I want it blended". She continued to chop away over half of my hair. She turned me around in the chair so I couldn't see what she was doing. Finally, I got a glimpse and got sick of her just chopping, I told her to stop, jumped out of the chair and said "oh my god, what did you do to me? You ruined my hair. It's gone." I left with a mullet. A true mullet. A short bowl on top,(she took half the thickness of my hair and chopped it up to my ears). The back, she hacked off into tons of choppy, blunt layers. No blending, nothing even. To see before and after pics of how Regis ruined my hair, go to:

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Haircut.

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