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Wanted to visit the Regis Salon at Bayshore Mall in Milwaukee, had great previous experience there. Explained clearly when I made the appointment that the appt was being made for a 2 year old child.

When we arrived, I discussed in detail with stylist what I wanted - my son had lovely, shoulder length curly hair, I just wanted it trimmed and his bangs cut. Stylist showed me how much he was going to cut - I agreed. I am working on keeping my son entertained/sitting still, and on next I look up, stylist has hacked -way- -way- more hair than he and I agreed to.

He continues to leave every five minutes to go into the backroom, ring out customers buying products, or pick up the phone. Why bother taking appointments if the person who had an appointment is not guaranteed attention? Why is there not more staff so stylists in the middle of a cut do not need to keep leaving clients to answer phone/cash people out?

Let him even out the cut, as its basically now unfixable, my son now has a crew cut, -not at all what I asked for- why my husband and I complain, stylist has nothing to say. Other crew members laughing and snickering because I am devastated and crying.

Worst experience ever, will never be back to this or any other Regis Salon. Pity - they had given my son two hair cuts before this, always worked out great. Total disaster.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Haircut.

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