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I have been a customer for over 15 years of both the Roseville MN & Maplewood MN Regis Salons. I returned some shampoo & conditioner on a visit about a month ago to the Maplewood MN salon and the 2 women (because 1 didn't know what she was doing) that helped me took my credit card and pretended to put the funds back on my credit card. However, they pocketed the money and gave me a "cash tendered" receipt. The till was short that day. Regis in Maplewood has someone stealing from their till. I was told I had to prove that they didn't give me cash back, when their return policy if purchased on a credit card is to return it on a credit card. The managers (local & regional) hide behind a voicemail system. I have been promised a return call by a manager by mulitple customer service reps and not one person has called me back. I have put over 15 hours into getting my $$ refunded to me and after 1month all they can do is give me a gift card for the dollar amount. This is the poorest customer service I have EVER received!!!

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Sadly giving a gift card is not an option.They would have to recieve money so the drawer isnt off balance..The matter should of been taken to corp of Regis and they would of been able to help you.Sadly one person can spoil it for the whole company.I'm sure that person isnt there anymore.

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