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Horrible , Horrible Horrible , This place sucks , I went in on a tuesday night cause i was desperate and had a movie night with my man , Toni was my stylist , She smelled of cigarettes and BO , i asked for my hair to be washed & flar ironed , her shampoo sucked as i was gagging on her bad breath and smell arm pits , her flat iron was a ***-aire and it was pulling my hair out , i asked to see it and it dirty ( horrible) and had rust all over it , she then asked me to fill out a book and give her all my personal information , so she could sen me coupons !!! Word to the wise go to Attitudes Salon its a bit more $ but worth it !!!

Monetary Loss: $35.

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I read this because of my name is Toni too. But I cant believe that your stylist was like that to you.

I work at a Regis salon and am upset to work for a company that hires stylists like that. I do smoke, but I always make sure to either pop a breath mint or chew some gum before returning from my breaks. And a non-professional flat iron should be banned from the salons.

Regis provides every salon with professional equipment and I believe that if a stylist is going to use her own, she should have the decensy to use one that is better, not worse than the ones provided. I am so sorry your stylist gave you a horrible experience and hope that you have found a better salon.

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