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I had my hair done in Aug 2008 at Regis by stylist Lindsey. I brought a photo of the haircut I always get.

I told the stylist to trim only 1 inch. I ended up with very choppy, not blended hair that was cut off over 2 inches! It looked like when a young child attempts to cut their own hair. I returned the next day requesting another stylist to fix it and she ended up trimming my hair even more to try to remove the "shelves" and trimmed my bangs - which I had never had before - uneven where one side was 3/4 an inch longer!

I returned the next day, receiving a full refund and proceeded to Fantastic Sam's where they did fix it the best they could with what they had to work with. In the end my hair is over 3 inches shorter and I have short bangs! I had to purchase a new curling iron since my barrel was too large for my new 3 - 7 inches of choppy layers. I have NEVER had such a horrific haircut in my 30 years of professional stylists.

As I am telling my story to other people, they have told me of their own bad experience with Regis Salons. While she was styling my hair some young man came in wanting a haircut. He specified to have Lindsey but was told she did not have time for a walk-in. He insisted on her so they told him to come back at 4:15.

My color, cut, style and waxing began at 2:00. She finished at 3:45. I suspect she hurried so she would have time to trim this handsome young man whom many of the stylists apparently knew. My family will never use Regis again and I will tell my story to anyone willing to hear it.

I have more faith in the abilities of a professional at Great Cuts, Fantastic Sam’s and the like than the unprofessional stylist your corporation employs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Haircut.

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Lindsey is actually the best stylist out there thank you very much. Y'all are over exaggeratin!


I love regis and My mom and I have been going there for six years! I usually ask for Ali or Tracey they are the best :) I'm always satisfied and neverhave any problems. Maybe your just pickey?


I have been to Jaazz and Koi and received good and bad haircuts. I tried Regis again after getting a so so cut at Jaazz, for over $100 dollars, and after tipping 3 people.

Apparently the stylists assistant now has an assistant. I almost cancelled my appointment at Regis after reading the reviews but am so glad I didn't. Alli gives me a beautiful cut and the MOST amazing head massage. I almost hate to give out her name because I want to be able to get in whenever I want but she deserves it.

If you go anywhere else Alli, you better take me! It's a haircut, people.

It will grow back. I would hate to tell you about some of the catheters I put in as a new nurse....


Lynzie was my stylist who recently moved for almost six years. AND has always done a fantastic job.ALWAYS.

and im thinking the picture you may have shown to her must have looked like a choppy mess for her to cut it like that since that's how you always get it t done.

Either way she and everyone else at the salon does a fantastic job and I recommend you to any of the women there. :)


At least the stylist didnt "befriend" a married man and slowly preyed on him into having an affair with her! That happened in the Tukwila branch!

So if a bad haircut is all happened to you, be thankful!



I had my sons hair cut there and they couldn't even get a simple fade done right. I was going to do it myself but we were right there and I wanted someone else to clean up the hair for a change.

I could tell as soon as she stopped that it wasn't right. I was told "No, it's okay...wait until you wash it again at home".

I should have saved my money because I ended up fixing it myself but my son looked ridiculous until it grew back. I'd never return there.


I find this review absolutely hilarious. Mostly because Lynzie is my personal stylist, and I know for a fact that she does a fantastic job.

But I understand if you don't particularly like her hair cutting styles, as everyone has their own opinion. But I find it absolutely childish of you to post her personal name on an internet forum. How ridiculous! Just because you personally don't like her, doesn't mean someone else won't!

In fact, she has a huge clientele now, so obviously there are many people who do like her. And here's just a little thought, she probably didn't hurry to get done with your hair so she could do that mens haircut, it was probably because you were being all snippy and rude. Please refrain from ruining someones career like that, it's one hundred percent rude.

I'm so glad you got your money back because I hope to never see you at Regis again. Too bad Regis does own almost every hair cutting chain...


The sad part of it all is that all of the above mentioned salons are all owned by Regis Corp.


Look, i am in beauty school. You may think its all just a cake walk but all of us girls and the men have their strenghts and weaknesses.

I know that for me cutting is easier than color but dont write something like that just because she gave you one bad cut. She had just gotten out of school and was on her own. And i bet you money she freaked out at the cut and went home that night and cried.

I know i would. so maybe you should know who you go to and stay with them instead of bouncing from one person to the next.


You can not blame all the sylists in the salon for the mistake of one stylist. Regis is a large corporation with 1000s of stylists. Of course there are going to be some better than others. Maybe you can not be made to look like the model in the picture.

I too get my hair done at Regis in Northown by Jessie and have never been happier with a stylist.

Just remember when you are going to those "chop shops". They have only a basic education in hair and very few of them take continuning education classes.


I get highlights/lowlights, hair cut and straightened and eyebrows all done at Northtown Regis by Danielle. She is awesome and I have NEVER left there disappointed.

I have had two other stylists there when Danielle was gone that didn't do the best jobs...but they weren't horrible either.

Don't blame Regis and label all of the stylists there because one didn't do well for you.

I would recommend Danielle to anyone.


Ricoblu you are dumb....she went to fantastic sams AFTER she got her hair cut at Regis.

I agree with Polly. I've had an equal balance of good hair cuts at the Northtown Regis. I've also gotten my hair cut by Lindsey (pretty sure there's only one Lindsey at Northtown), and she didn't do an outstanding job....so it must just be her.


I got a fantastic cut by a gal named Alli at Northtown Regis. But I've also had a bad cut there.

I think you have to blame the individual and not the salon.

Some stylists are better at certain styles and it takes time to find someone who can do your hair the way you like. Once you find that person, keep going to him/her!


You wear you hair everyday and you actually left and came back to demand a refund. What you didn't notice it when she was done?

Maybe some just out of beauty school isn't for you but then again you get what you pay for, fantastic sams,hahahah

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