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I went to a regis salon for a simple, all over color because I couldn't get into my regular stylist. The stylist and I spent 20 minutes discussing this simple task. Much to my shock and horror, when she painted on the root color, it was actually a color ***!

Within days, the color, which was tinted with a slight violet, faded from my very long hair, except the 3 inches she had stripped. My dark brown with violet tint and turned bright auburn! Now my "roots" are bright auburn and the rest of my hair has faded back to the previous color.

My regular stylist willl have to do a complete color correction and start from scratch. My hair is damaged and fixing it is going to cost $300! But we get what we pay for...

The $45 spent at Regis for the 21-year old stylist was the worst $45 ever spent. I'm guessing they recruit people straight out of cosmetology school and let them go.

My boss is pissed too! As I finish the 3-week wait to get into my regular stylist, I have had to endure numerous snide remarks at work over my "outrageous" hair color in a professional environment. Yes, I am pissed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

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The one thing that is missing from this senario is the practice of the clients own haircare. Is she using professional products. How often does she do her own hair, ie. daily, every other day, weekly?

As a manger of a Regis Salon for 11 years and an employee for 17. I have seen several situations where the client creates an impossible situation for the new stylist by demanding results that should require a higher cost but are unwilling to pay for that. Then because the stylist is trying to do a service at a reasonable cost they are limited to what they can perform which makes them look like they have no idea what they are doing.

Color care and maintainence is the responsibility of both stylist and client.

I feel this complaint to be incomplete. Client records are kept in the salon and no doubt the stylist was referring to this record. It would be interesting to know what her regular stylist comments would be.


hey i used to work for regis in england

you shouldnt have paid for your hair in the first place if it had gone rong/you wernt happy with it and to get your hair fixed is free its the company policey (not to sure how to spell that)

but yes havin a different stylist can cause problems


I'm pissed that because your hair was messed up by that 21 year old think it's Regis fault.

Color is a tricky thing, even when you know what your doing...the stylist doesn't really know what the client has been doing. The stylist has certain things she goes by to do a color, but the young lady that "messed up" was NOT any reflection upon my talent as a Colorist.

As far as, you get what you pay for...

for heaven sakes, you people ask how much something cost, then complain it's too much, or in your case, it's cheap because its no good. Look, you had a bad experience, but it's not the name of the place that messed up, this young lady needs more practice, but Regis didn't mess anything up.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #8494

I just wanted to apologize for your experience at a regis salon, I work for regis and I have been with the company for 9 years. let me just let you know that regis did not ruin your hair...1 stylist at a regis salon ruined your hair.

also what was the previous history of your hair, my guess is you had some old highlighting, or prelightened hair and color can not hold on to damaged hair that is probably why your ends faded in a short amount of time becuase permanent hair color does not "fall" out of the hair over a few days time otherwise.

Yes Regis, like almost every other salon, does recruit in cosmetology schools, it is a common practice in almost every salon corperate or privately owned, but we dont hire them beat them up and let them go, regis has continuing education and FYI classes every 3 months so our stylists are very highly trained in a short amount of time.

thank you, and again Im sorry that your experience with regis was not pleasant, but dont blame an entire salon, blame the person responsible, if you would go back to the regis you can have it corrected without any problems.

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