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I have gone to different Regis Salons on several occasions, and different sylists' haircutting and styling abilities were varied, but I was usually pleased enough to go back. Once I received a haircut that was actually obviously crooked. I thought that it might be only noticeable to me, but my mom actually commented that it was crooked (within seconds of seeing me). Since it wasn't too big of a deal, my mom fixed it up for me, and I didn't worry about the incident.

I later went back to the same salon to get my hair colored. I wanted to go from light-medium brown dyed hair to medium blonde. I showed the stylist a picture, and she said she could do it.

Everything seemed great, until she went to rinse it out. She actually got her manager and asked her if she had done enough foils because she thought that my hair still might be a bit too dark. When I saw it, I told her it was too dark. She said that she could do a 'soap cap', but that it would then turn out orange-y. She asked if this would be okay - as if it ever would be!

I explained to the girl that I had been to the same salon before, and that I had started with hair that was dyed darker, and that the stylist had still been able to get it blonde. She then became very defensive and started telling me that my hair would fall out and that she could 'throw some dye on' if I wanted her to.

I told her that I could do better myself, and refused to pay. Her manager said I had to pay, and called security on me. My boyfriend paid (I was determined not to), and I contacted Regis Corporation.

I was told (after sending a picture), that my hair had turned out correctly, even though several people told me that my hair was definitely darker than what I wanted. I never got a refund. In addition, I was charged for a haircut that was only half completed (she had started it and was going to finish it when it was dry, but then the stylist and I had the argument and the cut was never finished). When I brought this up to the customer service employee, she said that the cut looked fine, even though I had only sent her a picture of one side of my head!

I later went to a privately owned salon, and the service there was excellent. I was able to get the results that I wanted, and the stylist said that my hair is in good condition, and wouldn't have fallen out if the first stylist had put more highlights in.

This is by far the worst experience that I have ever had with any type of salon - I'm not usually that difficult to please! I can even understand a new stylist making a mistake, but there is no excuse for being rude, or for the corporation to not reimburse a displeased (and wrongly treated) customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

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Regis uses the cheapest clor line..omg..they are cheap and employees get hardly any commission,that's why they don't care about's a chain and nothing's genuine..and they re stylists dress like far chicks milking goats with terrible colors in their fried hair!


My girlfriend sent me to Regis in Pentagon City

and I got one of the worst, uneven haircuts.

to matthew james gulbranson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #740288

This guy is a ***. He spends too much time on his hair and it always upsets him.


there are some great stylist out there. there also great out of school stylist to, we also so perfect out there and never make any mistakes in our lifes ,we all make mistakes we are only human, its to bad that it happened.may your next haircut be a good one.

to ang Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #740291

This guy is always upset with his hair.


Every salon has Terrible Stylists and Awesome Stylists Dont judge all the stylists who work there by just one who did your hair thats rude an unfair by saying everyone who works there is terrible young and unexperienced is a joke i have been doing hair for 30 years I know how to do hair and i am *** good at it my clients will tell you


This is the worst hair salon I have been to. I told them that I wanted to get my hair starightened.

The stylist didn't even seem like he knew how to do it. He kept asking someone else about the various steps to do it. When I washed my hair 2 days later it was the same as before. I went there and told them that my hair is not straight, and the manager there told me that there is no treatment in the world that can completely straighten hair.

Thats total bs, I have got it completely straightened 4 times from the bay area (california). When I told her that I have got it straightened she told me that then their staff is not trained for it. They should have told this to me earlier. I told her that if my hair cannot be completely straight then i should not have got this treatment done, and she told yes.

They didn't even care that my hair was not at all straight after the treatment, in fact it was the same as before.

The worst place you can go to. The staff knows nothing and they are liars.


I worked for a Regis after a move to another city with my partner so I could pay for classes as I wasn't going to wait another 10 yrs of client building to get a high 6 figure income built up. I went from charging not by the service but the hour of 150 and hr to Regis's super cheap prices of what I charged in 1987.

Regis is a stopping ground for fresh out of school and those of us like me that were in transition. I worked with some great people ome were good some were not.

But I have to say the salon that I worked in charging 150 an hr had the worst colorists as I only was able to cut there.

I ended up doing all my clients color at my home or theirs. The Colorists over processed every blonde to the point of massive breakage.

If you want a good haircut you can get it at all price ranges, you have to work at finding a stylist, not a salon, ask people who have a cut you want (HELLO!), and go to that stylist, while your there pre-book your next appointment and don't treat those appointments like oh I need milk from the store and run out to have some stranger do it. It can take THREE haircuts to get stylist and client on the same page, most times it great from the start.

Most clients don't take responsibility to accuratly discribe what they want, some don't realize that going blond to dark to blond to dark to blond your hair will break off. I've refused to do clients hair in this sort of instance as I wasn't sure of the outcome and condition of the hair.

There are as I said some bad stylists, like most conflicts they can be fixed by speaking, but a shanaynay, finger wagging, head shaking scene and you will shut it down. Speak calmly, stay rational and the out come would have been different.

If your in getting your car fixed and they say hey while we are changing the oil why don't we rotate your tires do you expect it for free? No you pay for it, same thing in any other business. Always ask when getting an offer to do something how much will that cost. Just some thoughts and comments. Seems like half of them on here could have been avoided and another 45% could've be fixed with good communication.


What do you people think?? 14.99 for a haircut and 44.95 for a color at smartstyles is suppose to be the same as a high end salon where a great haircut and awesome color is more like 120.00 out the door.

*** get what you pay for. They only take 15min to cut hair and color...they cross there fingers..and please note if you are such a cheapsake to go there..yes you may as well do it yourself!! We awesome stylists get paid big money more than most professionals because we have worked our *** off for it.. SO please don't expect a lot for hair that is done by kids out of school...and good luck next time if you don't tip them!


HA! Sweethearts..we all started there and have amazing stories about all of you!


Yep, they're rude and ***. Two yrs ago I went in for a color.

I wanted to go one shade lighter than my natural medium brown. I even brought a pic of the color I wanted my hair to turn out. The stylist told me she could do it. When she rinsed my hair, I could tell there was NO change in the color.

I brought this to her attention. She then proceeded to tell me I will see the color once my hair was dry so she blow dried it and guess what...NO change whatsoever! My hair was the exact color I came in with! I told her I she might have had a bad batch of solution and that I refused to pay because I did not get the results I wanted.

She calls her manager who is equally as *** and tells me I have to pay.

Nevertheless, I walked out there without paying. I will never step foot into another Regis Hair Salon ever again.


I received the worst haircut of my life yesterday at Regis...I am totally mortified!!! MY hair was short to beging with and I asked to trim it up...the stylist took 45 minutes to cut my hair...I look like a guy.....I don't look anyone in the eye because I saw how people looked at me....I will never go back there.

This girl did not know how to cut hair...and to top it all all her boss kept coming over to check on her to see how she was doing....several times. If they knew how green she was why did they let her loose on my head


Ugh, I can totally relate to what you are saying! I was at a salon that was supposedly high end, and the stylist did the complete opposite shade of the blonde I asked for (I had a picture, too!) I couldn't even say anything because she and a visitor were talking in a foreign language the whole time and I couldn't get a word in.

So before paying I told her I was unhappy, and she said it looked fine and her manager agreed. After an angry phone call the next day, they had me come back and someone else would supposedly finish the blonding process. But lo and behold, that stylist said if she put any more blonde on there my hair would fall out! Oh yeah?

that's interesting, because a privately owned salon down the street did it that same day and my hair was (and 5 months later still is) fine!

This stylist (and the one you had) probably just didn't want to put the work into it because they wouldn't get paid for the corrective services. Here's to a better salon experience!

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