I am a stylist and manager of a Regis salon. I understand that some people have had bad experiances at our salons.

People need to understand though that we are just human and not magicians. You say your highlights ar brassy? Well did you refuse the toner your stylist suggested because you didn't want to pay extra? Did your color fade?

Did you buy any color care shampoo to prevent that? Is your hair black and now you want to be blonde? Well that will not happen in one day if you want to keep all of your hair. Clients lie to us all the time about what color they have on their hair, what products they use and all sorts of things.

If you want good results you have to be honest with your stylist about your hair and what you want, and in turn your stylist will be honest with you if it will work. Most stylist will tell you you need something when you don't. Working with the public is a hard job, but somehow everyone thinks our jobs are easy.

Anyone who has tried to color their own hair should know that it is not.

so before you complain about something, maybe you should think about weather or not you should carry some of the blame.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

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What a great post, very accurate. Target and Walmart are so full or hair color products containing metallic salts and the public does not realize that when they try to have something done professionally over it, it is a recipe for disaster.

People fib about what they have done or they forget because they want their hair done regardless. As Stylists we are responsible to do a strand test if there is ever a question in our mind.

I know clients often refuse this. If they refuse to allow a test maybe we should refuse the service for everyones protection.


TEG....I would have refused to cut that kid's hair...you know you have that right.


AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people think we have this simple job...

but they couldn't last a day in the industry !!!!!! soooo well said!!!!!


I brought back the formula from the perfect hair color at a Regis in Fl to my local Regis Salon to duplicate. How difficult should it be to follow a written receipt.

Both salons are from the same company and should be using the same products.

The local salon even admitted they had all the correct items to follow the written instructions. There was any guessing here and I didn't give them the wrong information regarding my hair maintenance.


I totally agree! I've been a cosmetologist for 15 years and I have seen it ALL...

Customers lie about what they've used on their hair previously, they lie about the products they use. They refuse suggestions for products thinking a "Suave or VO5" product is going to give them the same results they get after seeing me. Some cut their own hair and come in and expect you to work miracles to fix what they've messed up. Some have unrealistic expectations.. wanting blonde highlights when they have jet black hair!!! Then not listening to you; when you tell them that it's not really advisable to do that, it's going to be orange. Or being to cheap to pay for the toner that's needed.

My personal pet P... Please control your child! If you don't.. I will, mind you I'll do it as politely and gently as possible. But you as the parent have to remember I have a pair of shears in my hand that are as sharp as a straight razor! Knock on wood, in 15 years I have never cut anyone but I have seen it happen. The worst was watching a 6 year old throw a temper tantrum while a young stylist cut his hair, he wiggled and squirmed while the Mother stood there and babied him, he reached up and grabbed his ear while the stylist was attempting to cut the hair around it and she nipped his finger. Control your children! It is dangerous! It's your responsibility to make sure your child is well behaved, not ours.

It's frustrating at times, some people think cosmetologists are uneducated or think they know hair just as well as we do.. Well guess what?!? I did go to school for this, in my state we are required to attend continuing education classes! This is my career, I love what I do and I have a passion for it. Making people feel good when they walk out of the salon makes my day!

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