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This issue was resolved. Pissedconsumer does not allow you to delete posts, otherwise this would be long gone. Regis is no worse than any other hair salon, you just have to make sure that you and your hairdresser are on the same page, which unfortunately we were not hence my post.

Original review posted by user Dec 29, 2011

i went to a Regis in Tampa to get my hair died from a dark brown to blonde. the chick doing my hair was so not into it, she kept saying that there was 'no point' doing this because i had used box color on my hair. which should not be a problem if you are a good hairdresser and know what you are doing. but she didn't, so i guess that was a problem. anyways, i ended up with orange hair. the hairdresser was on her phone half the time. she also FRIED my hair by leaving the bleach in far too long while she was in the back room eating and just chatting away.

i was so upset by the color of my hair that I made an appointment at another Regis (big mistake) to get it fixed because i had been to that one before and i knew that they did better work since they were 'a spa'. WRONG. the chick neglected to tell me that bleaching your hair twice in so short a time will mess up your hair!!! she gave me highlights and all kinds of deep conditioning stuff that really didn't make a difference three months later, everytime i wet my hair it gets all sticky and hard to brush. i did some research online, and apparently that happens when you bleach your hair twice like that. i had no idea that would happen, but i feel like the hair dresser definitely should have known that! i explained the situation to her and everything, she should have let me know. but alas, all regis cares about is your money!

i went to the first place in an attempt to get my money back (i paid about 300 dollars in the end for all this nonsense) and they basically called me a liar, saying that i 'seemed happy with my hair.' so YOUR loss regis, i will tell anyone who will listen to stay away from you. i have never in my life gotten such crappy service from a hair salon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Well you should probably go to hair school then since you know sooo much about the chemicals! As a stylist, Yes when she said it pointless, maybe wasnt right way to say it, but you cannot go from dark to blond in one session, and box color has totally different chemicals than professional products, they react when mixed, meaning it usually doesnt turn out like you want.

And DUHH..

Doesnt take a rocket scientist to know Bleach will damage your hair if you go from dark to light... What did you think would happen, you shouldnt blame the stylist for doing what You ask for...

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