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I grew my hair out for 6 months as to where i could get a plain short stacked bob. My hair was all one length and a little past the shoulder.

I called in advance and asked to make an appointment with a stylist that preformed good sorry cuts. I went to Regis Salon last night even after being told not to by others, but I like to make my own judgement on things and I figured it couldn't be every stylist at every Regis. Also they charged $35 for a simple cut which to me isn't your typical cheap Super or Mega Cuts, even though I would have been much better off.

I asked the stylist for a short stacked bob.

She seemed to know exactly what I meant. I asked her if it was a difficult style to create and she replied, "No, it's one of the easiest and most desired cuts, she did them all the time". If that were only the case i wouldn't be in tears and about to spend $60 on another haircut to correct it, that is if she can do something that will make it seem not so hacked up.. I sent the new stylist pictures and she is concerned as to what she can do without completely going with the Charleze Theron look on the movie The Astronauts Wife.

The front of my hair is still the same as when I went in and the back is about an inch long all around.... I would have made a complaint there but the manager walked up and have her accolades on doing such a fine job!! I knew better but was made sure of the mess up when i walked out to see friends laughing asking what happened. I realize it's only hair and will grow back but I've got my parents 50th wedding anniversary tonight, grew my hair out forever and am going to end up spending over a $100 on a simple cut in the end.

Are there no procedures in place to test stylist before they can charge $35 for a haircut let alone cut the public's hair??? Is there a way to make a true formal complaint?

Sorry for the long drawn out post but I feel a little better getting it out. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Haircut.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The cut itself is not a bad cut

It needed some refinement. And possibly a lack of communication

I think you probably wanted a one length graduated Bob but from the pics they gave you a graduated A-line Bob which would explain the extra length in the front


Hello. I understand.

I am at almost the year mark of growing out my "*** wacker cut" which is what my friends called it. I vow never to cut my hair again!!!! Only straighten it and texturize it. My cut was over $100 with my long term stylist who randomly decided it was time to butcher.

Even though it's long you can still see her craziness at the ends. Take supplements that will help your hair grow out faster, brush it often and try new styles to help you through the growing process.

When I finally do decided to cut my hair I will bring pictures in-and find a male stylist-sorry but they are better at it and more conservative and I will only allow them to take less that an inch off all around-that way if they ruin it again it won't be such a nightmare. Sorry-feel better..

to Anonymous Metairie, Louisiana, United States #957059

Thank you very much for the kind words. Sorry you had to go through a horrible experience yourself.

As for myself.. I couldn't handle the way it looked and got it cut again. The stylist knew I was coming in to get it fixed and was very cautious, asked questions over and over and truly seemed to know what I wanted. Just follow the picture....

Didn't get so lucky again though. I still had a good amount of hair to work with and the new style I wanted according to her would be very easy to attain. She did a very quality cut but it is so short I can't believe it. I get compliments versus jokes now but feel very self continuous.

I've got quite awhile to go before I will have any hair to work with so I'm stuck.

Live and learn I guess. Thanks again

Canary Islands, Spain #952067

No haircut in the world can improve Fugly. Try a paper bag with eyeholes.

to Bow Wow Woof Metairie, Louisiana, United States #957066

Thank you. You must be a very happy person that has a life filled with friends, family and many others that love you.

I couldn't imagine any different.... Why else would you go through complaint websites and say non sense to people that are angry about paying for services that were screwed up?

I won't go on the attack like I'd like to because it would make me just like you and being that happy and kind of a person would be more than I can handle. Have a nice one ♥

to Bow Wow Woof Kenner, Louisiana, United States #957075

By the way happy person, in which photo can you see what I look like? I realize you are most likely much smarter than I, but I can't seem to find one with my face shown at all....

I considered the paper bag over my head but after looking over the pictures I reconsidered. Do us all a favor and post a picture of yourself. That is if you're tough enough to take possible rude comments like you wrote. ...

Somehow I doubt we'll be seeing any. That is of course true pictures of yourself and not someone else.

If by chance you do I'll do the same with my face showing and the new cut. Biting my nails awaiting your picture...

to sueqnola Woodstock, Georgia, United States #960526

He can't see your face he looked in the mirrow and saw his own ugly *** and accused you of being the ugly one.

to pumpkin Metairie, Louisiana, United States #960555

Thank you!! I appreciate it very much!


You only payed $35.

to Fake nickname #952134
I think it's cute.

Your hair will grow back. Also, it's difficult to keep that haircut perfect. I've had one before. BTW, that comment from 'bow wow woof' is uncalled for.


I think it's cute and, I also like your hair color. :).
to Fakenickname Metairie, Louisiana, United States #957067

Thank you. I appreciate the kind words.

I've got a pixie now so it will take a bit longer but it's better than before.

Malibu, California, United States #951959

It's not that bad. Stacked bob aka reversed mullet is long in the front, short in the back.

The neckline is a little sloppy but honestly, acting like it's so awful that you're going to have to go pixie cut is silly drama. Find a decent stylist with training you can validate.

And yes they are ways to check the credentials of a stylist - ask. They are licensed.

to 14Katie Odenton, Maryland, United States #952456

It's obvious her friends are not into the latest trends. This is what most would like their hair to look like when they leave the salon.

to MsOdenton Metairie, Louisiana, United States #957062

Actually I'm 36 years old and live in New Orleans where people are very trendy. Maybe if you'd have seen it for yourself in person you could understand why I was so frustrated.

I did have to get a pixie haircut because of the chunks taken out all over.

I appreciate your kind words though.

to MsOdenton Woodstock, Georgia, United States #960528

Go get you'se in that exact same style since you seem to know all about trends c how jacked up you look and how many complement you get for looking *** up.

to pumpkin Metairie, Louisiana, United States #960556

My new best friend :-)

to 14Katie Metairie, Louisiana, United States #957061

Thanks for the comments. I guess the picture doesn't show chopped it is.

I did have to go to alert stylist and the only solution was a pixie cut. Had the original cut been close to being trendy or something to work with I would have kept it.

to sueqnola #1145643

Don't know where you live or work, but $35 is cheap for a hair cut, if stylist is working for someone else he/ she is probley getting 40% comission a good cut w/ consultation should take about 1 hour, that means they are recieving $14 per hour before tax, what do you make per hour? You get what you pay for, and the cut dosent look bad from the picture

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1208517

Actually they only get commission on product. They make 8 to 10 per hour.

Like CLOSE TO MIN WAGE. And are often left without breaks at all in Regis chop shops.

It's the worst company to work for. And almost all chain salons are owbed by them.

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