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I am VERY disappointed at one of your salons located at The Mall at Sierra Vista in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I have never been to a Regis salon before today. After driving around for 30 minutes looking for a place to cut my hair on 12/24/2011 I decided to go to the mall and see if Regis was open, and they were. I walked up to the lady at the counter and asked her "Do you guys take walk-ins?" and she stated "yes", so I told her "ok, I need a haircut". Besides the counter lady there were two more stylists/girls sitting down texting or doing something with their phones. Very rudly she asked them "Do any of you feel like doing a haircut?" One of the girls responded with "No, we dont have time to do a haircut". Remind you this was at 5:30pm and I read that they were open until 6pm. The lady in the counter then told me "Sorry, we cant take you right now. But if you want you can prepay and come back another day". I just decided to walk out, since I needed my haircut TODAY.

My question to Regis Salons is why are you guys open if you guys won't take customers? So in my view Regis paid about an hour and a half of wages to 3 people (30min/each for each girl there) without them earning it. I know its Christmas Eve but come on, a male haircut wouldn't of taken 30 minutes.

Once I walked out I found another place that was open, I arrived there at around 5:50pm and I asked if the stylist can cut my hair, she said "well I close at 6pm but sure I'll take you". Now that is customer service NOT what I experienced at Regis.

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Normally a salon will stop taking clients after a certain time if they want a chemical service done. If you have never been there before you do have to remember that the salon has to get your information in the system, have you sign a consent, that takes a few minutes leaving even less time for your hair cut.

The problem is a lot of people walk in seeing well they dont close till 6 so I still have time. Close by 6 means locking the doors so they can clean and then leave, or if they were previously working on a client and it took a little longer than expected, not cause some entitled person decides at the end of the day they want their hair cut and now all of a sudden is a necessity that it happens today and walks in a salon at the last minute. Their is a such thing as having respect for other peoples time as well.

Now if it was just a haircut and not to much detail then it shouldn't have been a problem on any other day besides a holiday. Stylists have families too, again...respect for peoples time.


And you waited until the last minute or Christmas Eve to get your haircut??? I don't blame the Regis Salon for turning you away. Those sylists wanted to go home ono time to be their families on Christmas Eve.


Well I agree that was not professional at all. You see I never heard of pr-paid haircuts and I worked at one time for Regis.They were being lazy and apparently didn't want to make money..You should be glad they didn't take you

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