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I went to Regis hair salon here in St. Louis, Missouri.

I was there for a total of five hours. All i wanted was highlights in my dark brown hair. Long story short, i came out with all yellow hair- not highlights. That can be fixed but the worst part was that since i had bleach in my hair for probably 3 out of those 5 hours, my hair was falling out in huge chunks.

My scalp was burning and had blisters on my scalp for the next week or so. My hairstylists never came over to look at my hair falling out (i was blowdrying it myself) or even apologized. All she did was stand in the background with a smile. Who does that?

No one ever once said they were sorry and the manager said that it was my fault???? My hair was perfectly healthy because i take very good care of it and i basically had to have almost all of it cut off because of the huge chunks that fell out. Now i have some weird color in because all i could do was add pigment back (which gives you some sort of color). I cannot dye it again for a couple of weeks.

Its better then the yellow hair though. I do treatment every night for my hair (about 2 hours or so). It was just a disaster. They have no idea what they are doing.

i would definitely recommend not to go there, ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

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I went to the regis salon in Sarasota fl.to Kelly. Made an apt.

for a trim- and he told me my hair was over processed from where I have been going to for over a few years. He recommended a semi perment color that he said would wash out if I wasn't satisfied!

I can't begin to tell you what it looks like---He should have known that it would grab on to the pre ezcisting color I had.So emotionally stressed & the manager promised to refund my money & never have heard a word since ----he had promised to credit my account. This is truly an unprofessional opperation!

I guess the only thing left to do is contact Craig's list & the BBB.

Lolita, Texas, United States #244073

Regis Salon in Broadway Mall in Tyler, Texas butchered my hair. Then threatened to have me arrested if I didn't pay for the hair cut.

I had to go to another hair salon and pay almost $100.00 to get it trimmed up. He did a good job considering what he had to work with.

Do yourself a favor and do not go to Regis for any service. They will ruin your hair.


Hair salons are like Bras and shoes: you get what you pay for. Granted you can luck out every once in a while and get a good cut from budget shop, but rarely.

Hair stylists worth their salt are in bonified salons. Not quicky mall chains.


I used to go to Randy @ regis in Kenner, he's ah-may-zing! i went to him from a freshman till now..

i'm going on 30. I wish i didn't have to travel so far but for what you get it's worth it, I've tried others here and there so I didn't have to make that hour drive but I always end up back in his chair letting him fix me. and you get a free comlimetary shoulder massage lol.

I highly recomend him to anyone, he's honets, and will tell you if what you want won't look good on you and suggest something similar or different that looks amazing every time. And he travels all over so he's always up to date on new things


just don't go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me my daughter,and son all went there, and had three different stylist.

They fried our hair, and my daughter received a hair cut that looked as if they put a bowl on her head for direction on how to cut her hair. All of our hair turned orange with golden highlights NICE! Three different stylist and all of them didn't know how to do hair. What are the odds?

This was the Regis in ST.Louis Galleria.

DON'T GO THERE. We are going back to talk with the manager, After that I will post the names of the stylist.

Lymington, England, United Kingdom #26675

It's always a gamble trying to find a good hair stylist at Regis. Thankfully I've only gone to see two. One of them received some good reviews on yelp, and unfortunately I gave in to the opinion of the masses.

She pretty much burned my ear off while blowdrying my hair, and combed my hair so hard the back of my head bled a little and had scabs a few days later. Also, I showed her a picture of what hairstyle I wanted. She said she would tweak it to a way that would fit my face structure better. She was the hairstylist, not me, so I thought it would be a good idea to listen to her. However, my hairstyle came out soooooo ugly and insanely curly (I was going for that "posh/rihanna" look) and just a big ol blob on my head.

Hitomi, the one I see now, actually does what I say and gives GOOD advice. She assures me of the price BEFORE doing anything to my hair and listens to my concerns before, during, and after the process.

I'm sorry you had such bad luck at Regis. I would suggest not going back unless you can be assured you have found a GREAT hairstylist for YOU. Good luck with your hair in the future!

Spangle, Washington, United States #26098
personally , i hate regis they made my trim much worse then it was .!!!! :(

gosh i need to tame my hair before i get to highschool!!!
Oologah, Oklahoma, United States #13884
I have had my hair done by Randy at Regis @ the Esplanade Mall in Kenner He is Wonderful. I always feel like a new person when I leave.

He is very personable and takes alot into consideration when styling your hair. He always asks for your likes and dislikes. He is the most professional I have seen there.

I just wish I didn't have to travel so far. :grin :)
Marion Center, Pennsylvania, United States #11088
:cry i went in to Regis to a have a color and trim. The lady who was recommended to me by a former Stylist that left ruined my hair.

I wanted a color and trim. I was letting it grow and she wacked it off and teased it like an old lady.. It was bright red with highlights and I did not want that color. It was so damaged it
was breaking off at the ends.

It has been 4 weeks and I am having to let it grow out.

I hate it. $160 down the drain
Rockaway Beach, Missouri, United States #4588

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. There really are a lot of great stylist with in Regis Salons. I work for one of their salons where we have stylists that have been with us 10+ years. I always recommend that you go in to a salon and say you need to look for a style. You can tell a lot by sitting in the lobby for a couple of minuets. If you don't like what you see or feel leave and try someplace else. It doesn't cost you anything, and you don't get your hair messed up.

f you're doing just conditioning treatments it's not going to do you any good. You need to rebuild the protein in your hair before it can retain any moisture. Redken makes a great one called CAT. Shampoo, towel dry, spray in and leave for 10 min., rinse, towel dry, spray again and leave for 10 min., do this one more time. Then rinse and condition. This will make your hair 50-65% stronger. Your hair will not feel soft with this. Once you get the protein in your hair you have something for the moisture to hold to. You can also try Redken deep fuel, this has a combination of protein and moisture.

Hope this helps, if not check with salons for conditioning and protein treatments.

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