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I worked for Smartstyle for almost 4 years. I started there right out of cosmetology school.

I soon realized that Regis could give a *** less about their employees. They work you to death and you dont make any money. They pay system/ scale is so jacked up. After I had been there about 3 years our store manger got fired and our area supervisor knew I wanted a management position.

I was "promoted". I never got any training. Everything I learned how to do on the management side, i.e. paperwork, schedules etc.

I taught myself. My supervisor never came around. She wouldnt answer my phone calls or return messages for days when I would leave a voicemail. She is a terrible supervisor.

I never got payed management pay either. I actually started making less money then I did before I became manager bc with all the paperwork I didnt have all the time I used to have to do hair anymore so my commission went down. After every paycheck that my management pay wasn't on Linda Brooks which was my area supervisor would promise me it wouold be on the next one. After 6 months I finally called her supervisor, Daphne Carter, she apologized said they would back pay me for all the time I had been manager and I would be promoted officially and start getting management pay right away.

I ended up getting only $300 in back pay and when I called up the corporate chain some more I was basically told that my supervisor said I had only been running the shop for 2 months and that was all the pay I was getting and that it was her word against mine. Daphne Carter wouldnt return my phone calls after this either. I also never started getting managers pay so I quit. I called Linda and told her I was quitting worked out a week notice then she tried to tell them that I didnt even tell her I was quitting.

Regis is a scam! Linda Brooks and Daphne Carter should be FIRED!!!!!

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That's horrible. I would go straight to your local newspaper and/or radio station. They would love to publicize this type of behavior.


I worked at smart style for almost 3 years an it was jus a horrible expierence. They had us working 3 hours at a time an there was a point in time when they had me workin 2 1/2 hrs!!

I got sick a week ago. Very dizzzy an I couldn't drive. My manager had to work it an was very pissed. Sending me a text saying *** it ill work it.

Very unproffesional. I even had a doctors note an I got wrote up the day I returned to work. Made me sign the paper an then added to it without my consent. I came in 2 days later an I had gotton fired.

Saying I left work a few days earlier for leaving the salon a mess afteer I have done my shop duties before leaving. They were coming up with reasons to fire me. All started cause I got really sick. And the manager is a total ***.

Getting me in trouble for *** she does as well. Terrible expierence!!


Wow.. the even sadder part to this whole thing is the unprofessionalism of naming people and then bashing a corporation as a whole instead of just the Smartstyle division! Obviously you were not cut out to work for a corporation in the first place.

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