I went to get a hair cut and highlight, and its horrible.

I wanted Golden highlights and instead my highlights are BLONDE!!!! I paid so much for full highlights and my front bangs dont have any highlights on them.

First they were all friendly and when time for payment came the stylist was like oh I had to put in so many solutions so its gonna be more. I mean you wasted my time, runied my hair, and over charge me. WOW..

Please dont ever visit Regis at Woodfield mall in schaumburg IL. They are horrible.

Charge more and give worst service.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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I would like to say that i am a licensed cosmetologist and this is the only place that i trust with my hair! If you do not like what you have, speak up and they will correct it!

They are very accomodating! If they do something, they are doing it with the best intentions and doing it because it is best for your hair!


if you want to know why she used two different bleaches is because she is smart. one level of bleach is higher so whichever part of your head is last, she probvably used the higher volume so it wouldnt take as long and would match up the rest of your hair.

Also she did not have to bleach your hair, bleaching the roots was correct, especially if you are toning. You will not see 2 different colors. Now that she bleached the whole thing, that is way more damaging. Until you are in beauty school, I wouldnt even talk about colors or bleach.

Truthfully clients do not understand what is going on technically speaking.

You shouldnt worry about that. Also golden is blonde, if you didnt want that, you could have spoken up, toner can fix anything.


Okay Employee answer this one then! I go in there with a picture to this chick (LEXI---don't go to her, hopefully when I am done she will no longer have a license to RUIN anyone else's hair), show her the EXACT color I want; I told her that I want the EXACT style my hair was just lighter since it's getting warmer out.

She stated that she understood. Then she started to ONLY COLOR MY ROOTS.....I was getting all over highlights...so I questionned it and she said that she wasn't putting it on my ends because my hair would break and fall out...I told her that I have never had that problem and that's what I wanted, so she went back and bleached it all. For some reason she was using two different blondes for the underneath and the top---was NOT requested (don't take it upon yourself to dye my hair the color YOU want it to be, or what YOU think will look good---it's MY hair, not yours). THEN she put TONER in my hair---telling me there was no additional fee---and when I said, I wanted it light, why are you putting toner?!

SHE said, oh it's to lighten your roots and it will blend the blonde to make it look more NATURAL so you won't notice the highlights that much...I asked her to NOT do that, I am getting highlights for a reason! But she did and left it on my hair for over 30 minutes! Then....washed my hair and wrapped it in a towel, we were ready to blow dry my hair. It was about 8:20pm she said that I would need to pay NOW because the register closes at 9pm---before I was even able to see the results (insanity).

Now I had called on the phone prior to this---was told that full highlights would cost $80...I paid $125!!!! WTF....paying for a *** job! So when she finished my hair it was about 8:50p (before 9pm, not sure why I couldn't pay then!?) The first thing I saw was----my hair was DARK, not the color I asked for, the style of the highlights was disgusting looking, my natural hair color was GONE and it doesn't even look like I have highlights, I have dull ASH BLONDE hair...it's nasty! She said---oh you could come back and I will fix it for free!


Hopefully a refund will be given. I have already contacted Mark Strich-Mall Manager, the BBB, Daily Herald, Regis Corporate, and I won't stop til Lexi is no longer employed or I get my money back!


:zzz first off i dont understand y customers complain after paying for a service if it was that horrible i would have refused to pay or have asked to put highlights in the bangs and if you didnt like the color of the highlights you should have spoken up because a toner that would have taken 5 to 10 minutes would have solved your problem at the end of the day everyone interrputs "Golden" differently so were just hair dressers not psychics!!!!!

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