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I went to Regis at Woodfield to a girl named Lexi...seemed sweet enough. I showed her a picture of what I wanted (can't be any easier than that). My hair was already light blonde and I told her that I wanted it LIGHTER. I liked the style of my highlights and I just wanted the same thing but just lighter! Very efficient in telling her exactly what I wanted and making sure that she understood I am very picky with my I think everyone should be!

She stated that she knew what I wanted and began putting the foil in my hair. I have never had anyone foil my hair the way she was doing it, and didn't think twice. After about the 6th piece of foil I noticed she was only coloring my roots--I asked her why and told her I wanted the ends colored (bleached) as well--I was told my hair would break and fall out if she did that, but then did it anyway because I asked her to. As she was highlighting my hair I asked her to make sure she got all the way down to my roots for when I pulled my hair back in a pony tail--she explained bleeding and said she couldn't, but that she was getting 'close enough' in her opinion...okay fine. Then she stated that she was highlighting it in a different pattern and that she liked doing it diagonally so there was not any lines of highlights in my hair---well too late to ask her to change it now...what was I supposed to do ask her to start over. I guess my directions of exact same style didn't sink into her head or something.

After washing my hair, she preceeded to put TONER in my hair---why on earth would I need toner for highlights and going lighter....everyone knows-that's to darken up your hair! I guess Pivot Point didn't teach Lexi how to properly do anything the right way! The toner was left in my hair for over 30 minutes. At this point in time it was about 8:30 when my hair was done being washed and ready to get dried. Lexi stated that I had to pay right then and there because I might be there past 9 o'clock and that's when they need to shut down their register. I was a little weary since I had no idea what my hair looked like to pay for it right away. Now, I had called the salon earlier in the day and they told me that a highlight would be $75...Lexi stated that the toner is part of the highlights and doesn't cost anything extra yet my receipt says I was charged $20 extra for the toner. Then another $30 for her to barely trim less than half an inch off of my hair! Outrageous prices, terrible customer service, but wait I am not done!

As she's drying my hair---It is DARK ashy color---I didn't ask for ASH....again something she took upon herself because SHE thought it would look good. Last time I checked this is my hair not Lexi's. So I said right away, "this is not the color I wanted, it's not bleached blonde...where did my natural color go to? I wanted highlights where are they?" To which I got this-- "it is blonde, well a picture isn't clear enough to see the color of hair--you can come back within one week and I will fix it for free.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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This woman thinks she knows more then stylist! :upset


This is MY post. I have never had an incident where my hair 'falls out' or is 'damaged'.

The consultation this was ALL explained what I wanted. I don't care if you all think diagonal looks better, I like the contrast of the highlights to my natural hair. Supermodel?! No actually the picture was of me, how I wanted my hair BACK to what it looked before.

I wanted my hair lighter it was at LEAST 3x darker. I don't care what any of you 'stylists' or whatever you're called think, and to 'fix my hair for free!' -- WHY would I go back to the person who messed my hair up in the first place?! I went ABOVE and BEYOND, mall management, local newspaper and corporate! Hope she's not still there ruining people's hair.

And disgruntled customer or not EVEN the manager of which I spoke to, told me that toner Is NOT required, your hair will NOT fall out, and it does not need to be done diagonally if that is not what was asked for. Upon receiving my money back, and I wish I could have taken my tip (yes I was decent enough to tip, and a VERY decent amount, cuz I felt bad for her) back as well. It just sucks that the whole time I was there so was her bf, sitting there talking to her while I kept my mouth shut. Him complaining that she wasn't going fast enough so they could get out of there and go out!

Haha. I have gone to this salon before and had no complaints. But hopefully she's not employed there anymore. And asking for a corporate phone number from them does nothing.

Mark Strich mall manager works wonders!!! :-D btw I do my own hair now, and it looks 10x better than when she dyed it brown!

to hahaha #639112

Its clients like you that disgust me! You have no respect for anyone!

We are called hairstylists better yet COSMETOLOGISTS...ya know why because we went to SCHOOL and paid thousands of dollars to deal with spoiled little b****es like you that think they know everything! Do you go to your doctor and question everything they do? Didn't think so!! I probably would have done the same thing that stylist did and I also use diagnal slices for hilighting depending on how blonde the client is(fyi it gives you more blonde with less work and foil) but you wouldn't know that because you don't do hair!

And your hair was probably a goldish blonde if it hadn't been "toned" for a while...not everyone lifts to a pretty white blonde like your unrealistic brain thinks!

Hair coloring involves science not magic! Its a good thing you do your own hair now so when you fry it because you keep hilighting over hilighted times 5 hair you can blame yourself and think how we are all right and you feel dumb for talking s**t to all thes hairstylists on here and looking real ignorant!

to ha ha ha #665133

First off, it dose not matter what the hairstylist wanted it is what the client who is flipping paying you wanted! If off, the *** hairdresser should have flipping listened to her!

Because that's what freaking stylist are supposed to freaking do!!!!!! And the comment above me is wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!!!

U sound very arrogant, concetid, synical, sardonic, and RUDE, RUDE, RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to your client and what she wants!!!!!!

to hahaha #1028090

Keep doing you're own hair. I am very glad i strive to not have clients like you.

First of all toner DOES NOT make you're hair darker. It can but that is not it's only function. 10 volume developed can also lift, and a toner is a deposit only color. meaning if I put an ash in your hair it is because your hair is too yellow and i am neutralizing your hair from unwanted tones.

10 volume lifts and deposits. you wouldnt know this because you didn't go to school for a year and a half so you could learn the chemistry of color and hair. When your hair BREAKS because it will remember that you know everything.

This was really mean, you must get a lot of criticism from work and your family. Its the only reason why I could even justify you being such a cruel person to write these things.


I really don't think You know your hair. I totally agree with the other comments.

I would trust a stylist that tells my why she's doing what she's doing while she's doing it.

I bet your hair looked great, even if it wasn't identical to the "picture" you bought with you. Find a stylist you trust and let her deal with your picture, lack of knowledge, and your unrealistice expectations.


You are ridiculous, to say the least. BLEACH is not a color, at ALL, and therefor, every highlight should be toned.

If you do not tone after a bleaching service, you leave the hair open to all kinds of damage, and the water you use at home will most likely turn your hair a brassy color due to the minerals in the water!

Stop complaining, pictures are very hard to go by. We can't make you look like the supermodel in the picture, and we might not be able to give you their hair either. Some peoples' hair will NOT do what others will. For instance, a REDHEAD will not ever be as light blonde as someone that started off naturally a light brown.

EVER. And if they do somehow manage to get that blonde, they will have straw for hair.

to Candace Hemet, California, United States #936839

So is freshly bleached hair supposed to be toned. I paid for highlights and was told it was extra even though my hair looked orange after the highlighting.

are you cosmetologists telling me that your clients should have to pay more because the person highlighting your hair was impatient and couldn't wait.

Let me add that the highlighting was a touch up to the roots of highlights done before. Should she have used toner to finish the job and charge me more to do it?


Agree with every comment! If you are that particular, then stick with the person who did it "perfect" for you the first time.

To me, it also sounds like she did everything for all the right reasons. And obviously "everyone doesn't know" toners darken hair because you are mistaken.....toners can just simply tone, no darker no lighter.....tone (hence that crazy name).

In fact, she probably toned because she got two different colors with you wanting more bleach on already highlighted hair. That part probably got too light while your roots didn't get to the same level.


toner CAN darken your hair but also it can stay the same level of lightness and take brassiness out. If you were that picky you should have been more thorough or have seen a master designer.


If you are as "picky" with your hair as you claim to be then why don't you have a regular stylist? I'd hardly call myself particular when it comes to my hair but I go to the same stylist each month because I trust her and she knows my hair well.


Putting bleach on already bleached hair WILL make it break and fall out. Toner will make your hair look LIGHTER because it cancels out brassy, warm, unwanted tones.

Each manufacture has different amounts of time for their product to sit on your hair. 30 minutes is not unreasonable. Diagonal foils are how you make the hair not look like it has a bunch of stripes in it.

She did everything right, but still offered to change it for FREE? Stop complaining...


While much of what you complained about, I.e. Extra cost, only getting the roots, should have been explained in the consultation, the real problem is trust.

You already hated the service before she was done because she didn't place foils the way you wanted, you didn't like her educational background. Those are things that are not at the clients discretion, because only a stylist would understand the effect those decisions would make.

I apologize, but it's clear you hate any change whether it's for the better or not, therefore in respect to our field and respect to yourself, stay with tue stylist you already trust.


I'm sorry that you had a bad experience at that salon, but I can tell that toners are very imprtant for highlights. That are almost always used, espcially for bleach blondes.if you do not want brassy highlights you almost always need a toner. When you go darker it is not a toner but a filler.

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