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Terrible employee treatment. Horrible management practices.

No benefits. No customer service if a customer is unhappy then oh well. Their prices are misleading. Everything is extra.

You want a shampoo? The conditioner will be extra. If you are in the middle of a color and the stylist runs out and has to go mix up more color that will be extra as well. Do not get upset with the stylist if your price changes in the middle of your service.

We are only the slaves of this company. Terrible "specials" Employee gets paid about $3 for a haircut. Then berated for not making commission goals. DO NOT patronize this company.

Regis Smartstyle Fiesta or Saturdays!

More specifically the smartstyles in columbus ohio reynoldsburg and canal winchester. Not even for retail .They sell old expired products, force employees to use old and expired products on customers and they generally do not care if you come back to complain.

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I don't think you actually worked at a Regis salon because they DO have benefits and they have the BEST customer service! IF someone is unhappy they FIX the problem!

Other salons say "Oh well." You sound like you are just bad at your job and do not know how anything works. How could anyone FORCE an employee to use an old product on a customer? Was your mom your manager?!

Good luck in the industry. You do not sound like a people person.

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