I'm 68 years.I've been getting perms for years as I have fine hair.Today I paid $80.00 for a perm.Plus 5.60 for tax .This is from Regisat the muscatine mall,1983 park Ave,Muscatine ,Ia It has no curl at all. It took 4 hrs for Joy to put it in.Then she tried to style it.After me telling her how I wantes it done ,She stillkept messing it up.I finally told her tostop.When I went to pay for the so called perm ,it was $80.00.Rediculous in a small Iowa Town.I'm very disappointed ,plus being 68.years on a limitted income(s.s). Madonna Kircher

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It's always wise to request a price on what your wanting to have done, before the service begins. If it varies at all, when your at the register, then you have some grounds to argue the price.

If your not happy with the curl, you really should have talked to the store manager, to see what she could offer you. My manager bends over backwards to please customers. As do I. We work very hard to interpret what the customer wants.

If this is your first perm there, the stylist would have no idea how your hair would react to a certain size of perm rods. Every ones hair is vastly different.

Expressing your feelings at the salon, is the best solution, for a fix to your problem. :)


That's the standard price for a perm in a salon. The style is usually extra.

Just because you were unhappy with the style, doesn't mean that poor girl didn't battle your hair for 4 hours. After Regis commissions, she made less than $5 an hour for that. That's less than minimum wage. I'm guessing that if she could have done it any faster, she would have.

Next time, try and be patient and helpful.

If you were fussy or complaining, I'm sure the poor girl was nervous and miserable. A smile always creates another smile.


I have had the best experience at Regis Hair Salon Store#613. About a year ago I decided to get extensions.

And since then have never been happier! Less maintenance and time spent on my hair. Ramona is awesome, and always professional, with a great staff. They are always so pleasant and helpful.

I am 49 and have been going to Salons for many years. And this one is truly the best!


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( That-a NOt-a Nice


:( i like regis!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:( i like regis!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's really horrible to hear. I know most of the older society was brought up to not make a fuss about certain things however, I think next time if this should happen you should speak up and demand a price curt or something. Maybe pay fir the chemicals but not the service.

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