I went in this morning, to get my haircut with the card I had received from multiple haircuts. Only to be told by the Manager Jamie that they no longer took those.

Then I told her she had lost a customer. She proceeded to follow me out of the salon, said that it would not be fair for another beautican to accept the card. Since it came from someone else who had cut my hair before. That card did not just come from one beautican but several that worked at the establishment.

The manager needs to have customer service skills , which she does not have. I told her she had lost my business and she did not seem to care

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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As a mom on a low income I depend on any discount I can get my hands on. I recently tried Walmart's hair highlightning because of a special they were running.

I loved the highlights and the haircut (which was also a special price) I got. I got compliments and I plan on going again for a haircut.

Regardless if you have a card or coupons, you deserve to be treated with respect. You should have gone to the Walmart store manager to see if he could give you more info on going higher up the ladder.


I dont think salons like that rely on repeat customers,that why the coupons are printed. The manager didnt care, probably, because customers like you are a dime a dozen to her.


Just get over it and pay money! its not a big deal!!!! :)


Please post which salon(s) you are employed at as well as your name so that the rest of us can avoid going to your salon. You seem very pretentious and not at all what an average person would look for in a stylist.


Unfortunately WAAAAAYYY too many customers rely on the so called coupons to come and get their hair done, and we as salon owners give in way too much to them and their $$ demands. Why don't you plan ahead in your budget and forego the coupon. Coupons are for grocery stores !!

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